During your teenage days – where hormonal changes affects your skin breakouts, how many of you would agree that you made use of that alcohol-filled toners as your last resort to drying out that unwanted breakouts brought to you by puberty? Yay, you are not alone, Queen! We pretty much understand your dilemma and your conception about toners being stingy and the possibility of drying out your skin.

But gone are those days- all thanks to the birth of Korean skincare routine, now knowledge about what toners should be and what it actually does for your skin are widespread. Hmm, even if you are committed to going all out on your skincare routine or just prefers to stick with the usual. Consider that facial toners can be a serious clutch in your usual regimen.

what is toner?

Let us try to dig down deeper and understand the works that toners do for your skin and why you should consider one.

Consider facial toners as the in-between skincare step. It is meant to be used after washing your face, in order for to prepare your skin to the upcoming regimens such as: moisturizing and serum application. It helps get rid of the excess oil and any makeup leftover.  If the alcohol content somehow bothers you, well then, according to a dermatologist based in Washington, D.C toners now are more PH balanced and more gentle to the skin. Yay, this primarily means that gone are the stinging effects since today’s toners are now water-based.


Applying facial toner is perhaps one of the basics of skincare routine. Let us run down on all the skin benefitting properties this skincare ritual could actually provide:


The trend and the benefits of double cleansing is known and is still expected to continue to be known. If you are actually looking for a product that does the secondary cleansing, well then, toners should be at bay. As mentioned, facial toners help gets rid of those excess oil and makeup residue that cleansing alone cannot accomplished.

Facial toners balances PH levels

Our skin typically has a natural pH level of 4 to 6. Cleansing, often, throws skin off, usually making it more alkaline, one of the major task of a toner is to re-balance skin and return it to a pH level where skin can be most radiant. That means toners typically have a pH level that’s neutral or slightly acidic to help “balance” your slightly alkaline skin, post-cleansing.

Facial Toners supports the rest of your skincare routine

As mentioned, Facial toners functions in order to prepare your skin to the next skincare regimens of yours. It is essential because it helps your skin better absorb products you use.

Facial Toners balances complexion

With its ability to double cleanse, it helps restore skin with the nutrients that your traditional cleansers can potentially remove. This cleansing may result in a softer and smoother skin thus revealing a fairer complexion.

Types of toner that is very well suited for your skin condition

There are 3 types of facial toners that is made readily available over the counter. And it functions best when you know as to what skin types they work best. Facial toners are available in (1) alcohol-based formulas (2) glycerin or glycol based and (3) water-based.

Now let us look on the different skin types and discuss which among these type of facial toners works best for each.

If you have an oily skin 

All types of toners work best in combatting excess oil. But to maximize the skin benefitting properties of toners, try mattifying toner that contains Salicylic acid and Glycolic Acid for deep exfoliation. Take a look as well on the Niacinamide if you are as well particular in addressing the appearance of your pores. If you are new to our blog, good news is we have detailed explanation on the skincare ingredients mentioned. Feel free to visit the link for a full blown skincare ingredients knowledge! Yay, got you, Queens!

If you have an acne-prone skin

It is highly suggested to look for a lightweight formula. So remember to steer away from alcohol-based ones, okay?  In looking for toners that addresses your skin type look for toners infused with alpha hydroxy acid, it helps remove dead skin cells that can lead to clogging your pores.

If you have dry skin 

Steer away from alcohol-based toners if you have this skin type. Look for facial toners infused with moisturizing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and glycerin.


Again, no alcohol please! Having this skin type means looking for a formula that will remove excess oil while keeping skin moisturized. Consider looking for facial toners infused with skincare ingredients such as Hyaluronic AcidSalicylic Acid and Lactic Acid.

Bottom line 

The thing is, no matter what skin type you have, All skin types should be using toner. It is essential in maintaining a balanced pH level. A balanced Ph level is crucial to skin’s health. A healthy skin barrier helps protect skin from environmental stressors and keep skin hydrated.

Now, having said all these. What are your thoughts about these? We love hearing from you, Queens!  For now, we highly suggest you to Become a B&A Insider

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