Skincare concern varies from one person to another. That precisely explains why the search for a holy-grail skincare product is always in the loop. With your continuous searching for products that actually works for you comes the continuous research and development for skincare products that actually address various skincare needs. Let us all give credit to the continuous development in the field of Science and Technology now information can be highly accessible in just a blink of an eye. Well then, what are your thoughts about this skincare ingredient we’re about to introduce? (Well, we doubt if it sounds new to you, chances are you’ve heard it already) Skincare ingredient that is believed to be an effective brightener and specifically addresses skin aging, acne, and post-acne stages. Plus!  There’s more! It is even said to be safe for all skin types. Can we consider this one as a miracle skincare ingredient? Read on to see how well your skin could benefit from this powerhouse skincare ingredient. Is Niacinamide familiar with this skincare ingredient? Some of you may have or may not hear about it yet but, Queens! This skincare ingredient is indeed one for the books. Niacinamide is an essential water-soluble vitamin derivative of Vitamin B3 – one of the eight vitamins in the Vitamin B complex, this vitamin is not synthesized in our body, thus primarily implies that they have to be eaten in order to receive its benefits or in case such as skincare products, they have to be applied topically in order to reap off its skin benefits. Let us try to understand first what possible skin benefits that Vitamin B3 has which makes Niacinamide a most commonly sought skincare ingredient. Dermatologists compared Vitamin B3 to a well-oiled machine – it helps fights internal and external stressors that contribute to the deterioration of our skin that eventually leads to visible signs of skin aging. Vitamin B3 also has inflammatory properties. So if acne and dark spots are your biggest skin concerns. Niacinamide might be your go-to product in skin brightening. Skincare products that contain niacinamide most commonly found in the forms of serums and moisturizers. Better check on the skincare products you currently have if its key ingredients contain niacinamide. From a report from Komen.Org, 5 percent formula of Niacinamide is already effective in addressing skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation and sun exposure damage related.

Let us reap off all the possible skin benefits this skincare ingredient has to offer:


Tired of hopping from one skincare product to another? Because that stubborn acne breakout just won’t go away? This might be it! The answer to your skin concern. Niacinamide having anti-inflammatory properties makes it an effective skincare ingredient in combating acne concerns. According to a double board-certified Dermatologist and Dermatopathologist based in New York City, Dr. Brendan Camp Niacinamide helps reduce the oil production in the skin which is known to be the culprit to that unnecessary breakouts. A 4% concentration is considered to be as effective as topical antibiotics and when used twice daily could eventually lead to reduced acne appearance in just 8 weeks. So you know the drill, Queens! Consistency is the key!


Not only does it address your acne concern. It also saves you from that post-acne concerns of yours. That stubborn dark spots? Worry no more because Niacinamide got you! Hyperpigmentation is the medical term used to describe the darker patches of the skin. This is the result of excess melanin production – which is most commonly caused by acne scars and damages by different environmental aggressors. Niacinamide has been shown to prevent the transfer of pigment within the skin, which eventually leads to the reduced appearance of brown spots. Less redness – all credits to its anti-inflammatory properties. From a clinical study published at the National Library of Medicine – National Center for Biotechnology information entitled “The effect of niacinamide on reducing cutaneous pigmentation and suppression of melanosome transfer” It was then found out that at 5% concentration applied twice daily in the form of moisturizer plays a great role in the improvement of skin’s hyperpigmentation. This shows that Niacinamide plays a potential ability in brightening the skin as compared to some over-the-counter skin moisturizers that don’t incorporate niacinamide on their ingredient content.


Aging heavily affects our skin’s collagen production. It is something that we cannot run away from. But, being beauty enthusiasts, we do have plenty of things to do to combat this skin concern. Niacinamide offers a lot of skincare benefits from skin brightening that resulted from its ability to prevent the transfer of pigment within the skin to reducing visible signs of skin aging – being an antioxidant that counteracts the free radicals. Niacinamide has the ability to improve and increase collagen production which is believed to be vital in keeping the skin healthy and young-looking. Expect visible results when incorporated twice daily in your moisturizers.  Have you come to think of it? Niacinamide being able to provide a good defense to environmental aggressors such as UV damages may complement well your sunscreens. A moisturizer infused with niacinamide plus sunscreen hmm sounds good as your first line of defense to that harmful UV ray damages. A young-looking well protected skin? How does that sound to you, Queens?


That stubborn dark under-eye circles? Making you look like a panda? Worry no more because the demand for eye creams and concern about delicate skin around the eye area gave birth to eye cream products with niacinamide incorporated on its core ingredients.  Niacinamide being safe to use skincare product because of the low risk of irritation for its inflammatory properties makes it a go-to skincare ingredient for your dark circle under that delicate skin on your eyes.

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