When we talk about skin concerns, acne concerns would never go out of the list – it’s as if the most common skin concern majority of us have. It is something that cannot be treated overnight – and should not be put on rushed to. Clear and glowing skin requires discipline and consistency. In your pursuit of looking for a skincare product that works, being extra cautious may save you a lot from possible skin irritations. Like what we’ve always said, skincare products that work well with the others doesn’t necessarily mean that it may deliver the same benefit to your skin. That is why we have long been bombarding you with beauty tips and knowledge about different skincare ingredient that is most commonly found in your beauty bottles that would primarily help you in the journey to looking for skincare products that actually addresses your skin concern needs. If it is your first time being on our blog, well then, this might be the best time that you become part of our newsletter team. Be the first one to get the latest beauty tips, news and product notification, and exclusive promotions in your box.

What is glycolic acid?

The skincare ingredient on the spotlight is, Glycolic Acid we are pretty much sure some of you have heard this skincare ingredient plenty of times already. This well-known skincare ingredient is said to be great for clearing the skin, evens skin tone and is believed to be anti-aging.  How excited are you now to reap off all the skin benefits this skincare ingredient could offer?

Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) group of plant and animal derived acids. Glycolic acid together with lactic acid is said to be the most promising and well researched AHA. According to Dr. Jessica Krant, a board certified dermatologist based in New York, Glycolic acid molecules naturally occurs in sugar cane and fruits.

Glycolic acid is made readily available over the counter and is most commonly found in the forms of face washes, peels, serums and skincare pads. Go check on some of beauty bottles, chances are, there may be a Glycolic Acid incorporated into its lists of ingredients already.

Glycolic acid, when applied topically, works in breaking the bonds between the outer layer of skin cells. The peeling effect it creates makes the skin appear smoother and more even. Unlike any other skincare ingredient that causes skin to get dry, glycolic acid can as well help retain skin’s moisture.

The benefits of Glycolic Acid

bid farewell to your acne concern

To primarily address your acne concern, glycolic acid works well in a lessening the dirt that may result in to clogging your pores. This includes dead skin cells and oil. Less dirt that could clog pores may result into fewer breakouts. The antibacterial and antioxidant properties that this skincare ingredient has makes it one of the holy grail skincare ingredient in treating your acne concern. According to Dr. Melda Isaac, board certified dermatologist based in Washington, D.C glycolic acid has the ability to really get down into the hair follicles and loosen up any built up sebum and proteins that could lead to blackheads and breakouts.

Glycolic Acid offers anti-aging benefits

The same dead skin cells that clogged your pores and causes you that unwanted breakouts are the same dead skin cells that affects the vibrant in your skin. Aging as well affects the skin cell turnover. The exfoliation that the glycolic acid provides works to get rid of those dead skin cells promoting vibrancy and luminosity to the skin. Glycolic acid has also been shown to stimulate collagen production which primarily helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Glycolic Acid helps evens skin tone

From shedding off the dead skin cells to an even skin tone? Yes Glycolic Acid does all the wonders. The exfoliation that the glycolic acid provides helps with pigment. That pigment we got from old acne scars, age spots and sun damage? There are stored for weeks in the dead cell layer.  Glycolic acid then gets rid of a good amount of the stores of excess pigment. Thus promoting a more even skin tone. How do you feel now about incorporating glycolic acid to your usual skincare regimen?

Glycolic Acid makes other skincare products easily absorbed by the skin

According to a board-certified dermatologists Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, Glycolic acid being a small molecule makes it an easily absorb skincare product by the skin. The exfoliating properties that Glycolic Acid has makes it a great deal of ingredient in prepping up the skin for other products. It provides better absorption of other acne medications such as retinol and any other anti-aging skincare products.

Now, having said all these. What are your thoughts about these?  Are you planning to incorporate Glycolic Acid now to your usual skincare routine? We love hearing from you, Queens!  For now, we highly suggest you to Become a B&A Insider

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