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Beauty comes in different forms and colors. There is indeed beauty in diversity. The definition of beauty varies from one person to another. That goes to show that while others claim that this or that skincare product works for them, it may be a different story for the other. The dilemma of people with lighter skin tone with darker skin tone is pretty much different especially when the talks about hyperpigmentation is on the spot light.

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin concern, though it may be a harmless condition, but the fact that it affects our self-esteem, gives as reason to look for treatments for it. It is a skin condition where patches of the skin become darker in color than the normal color of the surrounding skin. It happens when there is an excess melanin production, caused by everything from acne scars, environmental damage and hormone fluctuations.

Treating hyperpigmentation for people with darker skin may be a different  – a total different story. Simply because, darker skin tone contains higher amount of melanin in the cells and a higher tendency to overproduce it when triggered by an external factor such as overexposure to UVB and UVB rays. Having said all these implies that people with darker skin has to be even more cautious in treating post acne dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

We got you covered, Queens! Let us further explore the dermatologists approved skincare ingredients that works best in treating hyperpigmentation for dark skin tones and as well as relevant beauty tips and tricks that could help you combat this skin concern of yours.


A skin lightening agent. It primarily functions by reducing the activity of tyrosinase – an enzyme involved in the overproduction of new melanin. For people with darker skin tone, consider this ingredient safer than kojic acid and azelaic acid. It is the only FDA-approved product for fading dark spots. Studies exploring the efficacy of hydroquinone is rampant. A 2% concentration of Hydroquinone is said to be safe for all skin types.  For darker skin, we highly suggest to stick on the said concentration, yes, higher levels may be effective but may pose a greater risk of adverse effects in black skin.


You pretty much have heard a lot about this skincare ingredient. A derivative of Vitamin A, which is body’s key nutrient for boosting cell turnover. It is most commonly found in serums with the skin benefiting factors such as skin renewal, skin brightening, acne reduction and boosting collagen production. Studies have also found out that retinoids helps reduce pigmentation while strengthening elastin fibers that helps prevent breakouts and signs of skin aging.

Other skincare ingredients to look out for:

Vitamin C

The holy grail skincare ingredient. You pretty much have heard a lot about the skin benefiting factors this skincare ingredient could provide. When looking for a skincare product for your pigmentation, consider the aid of Vitamin C, it is essentially helpful in treating hyperpigmentation, combating free radical damage and boosting collagen production.

Sunflower oil

Who could ever go wrong about the skin benefitting properties oil could provide. Sunflower oil a naturally derived plant oil that is oozing with moisturizing abilities and is made up of 60% linoleic acid, rich in antioxidant and Vitamin E.

Salicylic Acid (BHA)

Aids primarily in treating the future breakouts. Contains dark spot fighting combat that primarily addresses your concern about hyperpigmentation.

Read more: Everything you need to know about Salicylic Acid 

Our stand in treating Hyperpigmentation for dark skin

Having said all these, healthy skincare habits and practices should also be incorporated for better and visible results. Here are some of our skincare advices in addressing this skin concern.


This is perhaps the most overstated skincare advice but yes, this one never gets out of style.

Level up your sun safety habits. This does not just address the current skin condition it also serves as a big help in preventing future skin damages. Consider UV rays our main enemy, no matter what skin type, no matter what skin concern we have. When choosing a sunscreen, experts highly recommends sunscreens with SPF30 or higher. Reapply based on what is instructed on the packaging.

A healthy diet, of course

Consider the aid of anti-inflammatory food such as: Berries, Salmon rich in omega-3  a potent anti-inflammatory agent. Healthy fats such as: avocados, almonds, flax seeds, walnuts – these are foods considered as healthy fats as they help skin stay hydrated and prevent dryness and reduces inflammation.  And how about a green tea sounds to you? A sip of green tea a day? Green tea contains polyohenols which have free radical-scavenging and anti-inflammatory effects.

Stop touching your face

In as much as you want to and as tempting it may sound. But honestly, you are doing more harm than good. Avoid this habit of yours if you want to completely get rid of that post acne concern of yours.

Now, having said all these. What are your thoughts about these? What will be your go to solution now for your Hyperpigmentation? We love hearing from you, Queens!  For now, we highly suggest you to Become a B&A Insider.

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