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Hooray! Colder temperatures are now fast approaching. Pretty sure everyone looks forward to experiencing this season. The season alone evokes so many good memories that most of us are fond of doing. – the holiday season, a unique fun way to spend errands outside – snow angels and snowmen? Who would ever say no to doing fun memories while hair is filled with some snowflakes? Sweater weather it is! The drop of humidity may cause your skin to get dry. As seasons change, it is not only your set of wardrobes that has to be changed – so is your skincare routine

Do not get all worked up, dry skin is especially common during the winter season as when the humidity level outside drops when the wind is cold and dry, the water in our skin tends to evaporate more quickly thus making your skin feel a bit dry, dull, and flaky. In fact, skin tends to lose more than 25% of its ability to hold water during this season. Truly winter season could bring a big change to your skin – from hydrated to dry and dull. To combat these changes, a tweak in your day and night time skincare routine is advisable. The minor tweaks that you will be doing could do so much to your skin’s health. May it be skincare for men or skincare for women, no one is exempted from doing this change in their respective skincare routine. 

Check on these 6 beauty tips and practices that you all should be doing in transitioning your skincare routine as the winter season approaches. 


A gentle cleanser would be of big help 

Consistent cleansing is of big help during this dry skin season but kindly take note to use only those gentle cleansers as no one would want to strip off skin’s natural oils with harsh cleansers. In fact, cleansing day and night is a routine that has to retain all throughout. Cleansing is vital as it helps get rid of that debris on the skin’s upper layer making the proceeding skincare steps more efficient. During this season, experts recommend transitioning your cleansers to a balm, oil, or cream cleanser. While foam cleansers are great at removing dirt they sometimes contain sulfate that can be more drying. On the other hand, cleansing creams, balms, and oils can do the job for you in this dry season as they can effectively wash the skin while keeping it hydrated without disrupting your skin’s barrier function. 

We’ve got you covered:


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A thicker moisturizer 

The Winter season is technically the best time to bulk up on moisturizer. Bid farewell to your lightweight, oil-free moisturizers that you pretty much love to indulge your skin with during the summer season. For this season, a heavy cream moisturizer is highly advisable What experts would love to recommend?  Moisturizers infused with ceramides. Ceramides are a part of the classes of acids called lipids and are naturally found in high concentrations in the outermost layer of the skin – the epidermis. From a detailed explanation made by Dr. Brendan Camp, double board-certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist at Medical Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery in New York City. Ceramides along with cholesterol and fatty acids make up the lipids in the top layer of the skin called the stratum corneum. These functions include preventing excessive water loss through the epidermis and avoiding compounds from the environment permeate into the layers of the skin and thereby providing an immune response. 

Learn more about Ceramides 

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Facial oil saves the day 

Alongside your moisturizer, consider using face oil aside from your moisturizer to protect your skin. Face oils can be a special treatment as it improves the ability to lock in moisture because of the extra barrier it gives the skin. You can even use face oil as a highlighter. Just rub a few drops into your fingertips and press it along your cheekbones as your glow go-to look.

We’ve got you covered:

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Hydrate your skin some more 

Exposure to central heating may be harsh and not good for your skin. Sheet masks are one way to moisturize your skin quickly. A skin-loving ingredient that you must look for in your sheet mask is Hyaluronic Acid because of its ability to draw and hold water, it serves as a powerful humectant in your skincare regiment.  Hyaluronic Acid when used in skincare products such as creams and serums helps bring and lock in moisture to the surface of the skin. 

Learn more about Hyaluronic acid and why your skin needs it most during the dry winter season.


SPF is always a must! 

No matter what season you are in, applying sunscreen should be a vital part of your skincare regimen as it protects your skin from damage brought by exposure to harmful UV rays. Daily use of sunscreen prevents early signs of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines. Don’t be deceived by those cloudy skies hiding the sun as they may still pause damages 


Your water intake is important

Water intake during such a season as this is important as it also prevents your skin from being dehydrated also, drinking water is vital and is essential for good health. Your body needs water for almost every function it does. Drinking plenty of water aids in flushing toxins, aiding with digestion, regulating body temperature, and keeping your skin healthy and hydrated from the inside. Higher water intake has a positive effect hydration of the skin. Drink your way to healthy glowing skin this winter! 


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