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Do not get all worked up in finding skincare products or skincare ingredients that primarily address your skincare needs. To all the beauty enthusiasts out there, we’ve got you covered! We pretty much love surprising you with the best skin care tips and knowledge that will suit you up in your skincare journey. 

Incorporating natural skincare ingredients is making a spotlight in today’s beauty industry. Beauty enthusiasts are getting more and more conscious and are more after the beauty brand’s sustainability. If you are not into it yet, you probably should be joining the squad by now. Natural skincare ingredient when incorporated in your favorite beauty bottle is your skin friend. A skin-loving skincare ingredient that could do so much in addressing your skin concern with fewer worries of having to experience irritations. 

Did you know that there is a certain skincare ingredient that is currently making a spot in the Korean skincare industry? Yup! Lotus flower or otherwise known as Nelumbo nucifera has a potent dose of skin-loving benefits. Dry and flaky skin season is almost knocking unto our doors as the winter season is just waiting to finally sit in. You may then struggle with dry or dull-looking skin. The good news is, lotus flower extract is one such ingredient that can be an excellent addition to your regular skincare routine

Apart from the Asian cultural and religious symbolism that this flower holds little did you know that it has long been used for health and skin concerns because of the variety of benefits that it offers. The Lotus flower is native to Southern Asia. The roots are planted in the soil of the pond or river bottom, while the leaves are visible on top of the water surface. As a natural botanical skincare ingredient, lotus extract help purifies the skin and is filled with compounds that your skin would surely love – these include antioxidants, flavonoids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. 

Get to know more about the natural health and skin benefits of the lotus flowers that you all should be taking advantage of.


Lotus flower extract for younger-looking skin 

The extracts from the root and leaf of the said plant contain a potent dose of an antioxidant such as flavonoids, which plays a big role in cosmetics because of the antioxidant and UV protection that it provides, polyphenols, that possesses anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antioxidant, and DNA repair activities, plus certain vitamins that your skin needs most. Its antioxidant property is of big help in protecting the skin from the free radical’s damage caused by different environmental aggressors. In return, these compounds stimulate cell regeneration and are helpful in normalizing skin’s cytokine production vital in maintaining skin’s epidermal barrier function and elastin synthesis resulting in anti-aging action thus, making this sacred flower extract a recommended ingredient in regenerating, moisturizing, and emollient beauty and cosmetic formulation.

In fact, this study published by Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering in the year 2011 concluded that lotus flower and leaf extract significantly improves the skin’s elasticity. Say hello to stronger skin cells, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, and firmer-looking skin with the help of lotus flower extract. 


Lotus flower extract purifies the skin 

Dealing with acne and oily skin? Do not get all worked up finding the skincare product solution to your skin concern. Did you know that lotus flower extract can assist with your skin’s oil production and pore control? Yup! You see it right. This was proven by this study published in the year 2013 whereas, the extract of lotus flower, when formulated with green tea, can potentially help control skin’s sebum production without sloughing off skin’s natural moisture. Controlling the skin’s sebum production is of big help in purifying the pores. Pore-less-looking skin? Your Korean glass skin is made achievable by lotus extract! 

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Lotus flower and its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties 

The lotus flower extract has long been used in natural herbal medicine in treating inflammation and wound healing. It was proven by numerous studies that attest to the efficacy of its anti-inflammatory properties. 

In dealing with redness and skin irritation, lotus flower extract may be your go-to natural solution due to its anti-inflammatory properties that was further proven by this study


Lotus flower extract in keeping your skin moisturized 

Plenty of moisturizers these days are now turning to lotus flowers to offer the skin a boost of hydration. Aside from getting rid of toxins in your skin that this wonder plant could do it also do replenish skin with extra moisture. Hmmm. Your go-to ingredient for the upcoming colder season. Being a plant-based skincare ingredient, lotus flower extract is safe for all skin types, gentle, and effective. Giving you a lot more reasons to turn into 100% vegan skincare products


Lotus flower extract and its diuretic and calming benefits 

This flower is popular in many cultures is believed to have diuretic and calming benefits due to its antioxidant properties. The tea is believed to be helpful in managing diarrhea and cramping and is also recommended in treating symptoms related to gastric ulcers, and for shortening the duration of colds and headaches.


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