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Nature truly loves everyone in a tough manner as it blessed us with a variety of herbs, spices, and natural ingredients that is useful for our day-to-day lives and a variety of concerns. 

Lavender, the herb that is native to northern Africa and the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean, is mostly associated with aromatherapy. In fact, lavender is hailed as the most commonly known essential oil used for aromatherapy as it aids in boosting one’s quality of sleep – when added to a healthy bedtime routine, may give a better quality of sleep and more energy during the day it is also said to help improves concentration and reduces anxiety. Studies have proven the efficacy that this essential oil could provide in relieving anxiety as published in this study in the year 2010 subjected to dental patients as the primary subject. 

Truly, this flower could do so much for your well-being. If you haven’t given aromatherapy a try, get to know more about the benefits that lavender, as used in aromatherapy, could
offer by visiting 5 Benefits of lavender essential oil to your mind, body, and entire well-being. 

But did you know that the flower is known for more than just its fragrance? It could also do so much for your skin and is considered to be a skin-friendly ingredient. 

More than just the soothing scent that it provides, lavender water, prepared from steam distillation of can breathe new life into your skin as its topical application offers a wide array of benefits. A rich source of vitamins and minerals that could easily be absorbed by your skin. 

Is it your first to come across this toner? Do not worry that much as we’ve got you covered for your skin concerns and how well you could reap off all the skin-loving benefits this natural skin care ingredient could offer to achieve that calm, cool, hydrated, and toned skin. Sit back and relax as beautiful things are coming your way.


Lavender water improves skin’s texture 

Vitamin A plays a big role in your skin’s health as it helps speed up healing, prevents future breakouts, and supports your skin’s immune system as it promotes natural moisturizing. Prepping up for the upcoming winter season? Maintaining hydrated skin is important. Lavender has a high content of Vitamin A thereby making it your go-to ingredient for your skin’s moisture-holding capacity. Worried that this might irritate your skin? Worry no more like lavender, being a natural skin care ingredient is perfectly suited for sensitive, mature, and dry skin. 


Lavender water for youthful glowing skin 

Not only does lavender is good for your well-being it also provides a fountain of youth. Yes! You are seeing it right. Your go-to ingredient in maintaining your youthful glow. Our skin is mainly exposed to a variety of environmental aggressors makes it prone to the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles. Thus, making your skin look older. Worry no more because a mist of lavender water could do so much in combating the effects of skin aging. Lavender water contains antioxidants that fight off free radicals – the culprit to the unwanted lines on your skin. Lavender water, when used as a toner, could firm your face, tighten the pores, giving you a smooth and youthful-looking complexion. 


Lavender water for your blemishes 

That post-acne marks on your face contribute much to the levels of your self-esteem. It stays longer to your skin as compared to the acne itself. We understand your dilemma in getting rid of those. Surprisingly, lavender water could do the works for you! Lavender, being rich in Vitamin A makes it your skincare buddy for skin concerns of yours. Its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties make it an excellent ingredient for that acne and post-acne marks of yours. It helps regenerate damaged skin cells thus lightening the appearance of scars. Supports the growth of skin cells and tissues thereby altering the scarring process. 


Lavender water for your skin’s PH balance 

Toner plays an essential role in your daily skincare routine as it helps strip off the dirt that cleansing alone could not remove and helps in maintaining your skin’s PH Balance. Toner, with lavender as the main skincare ingredient? The result would be incomparable as lavender water helps explicitly maintain the skin’s PH balanced by keeping it healthy and nourished. The next time you plan to take toners for granted think of how important the role of balancing your skin’s PH is. Did you know that skin problem such as eczema, skin aging, acne breakouts are most commonly caused by unbalanced PH levels of the skin? Yes, it is your skin’s natural barrier that was compromised when there is an unbalanced in your skin’s PH levels.  

If you are someone who is not into incorporating toner into your day-to-day skincare routine. Giving more reasons to never take it for granted: Here’s what toner actually does for your skin and why you should be using it.


Lavender water for faster wound healing 

We care for the overall condition of your skin. May it be skincare for men or skincare for women. The endpoint is the same, healthy skin from head to toe. Lavender has long been used in treating external wounds since ancient times. The same properties that make it your go-to skincare ingredient in treating blemishes are the same skin-loving ingredient that makes wound healing faster. Its antiseptic properties make it an effective ingredient in the wound healing process. Lavender water also detoxifies the skin and purges harmful toxins. 


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