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If you pay close attention to the ingredients of the skin care products you are using, chances are, you’ve seen this ingredient that we are bound to introduce to you. Ceramides most commonly listed as one of the main ingredients found in your favorite skin care products such as moisturizers, body lotions, serums and cleansers.  But have it ever crossed your mind why ingredient such as this is most commonly incorporated in as part of the essential ingredients? Have you ever thought what ceramide is? There might be a reason, and your curiosity is perhaps the reason why you are here. Elevate your skin care ingredient knowledge game. After all it is your skin you will solely benefit from it.

First thing first, let us explore the deal with Ceramide.  Ceramides are a part of the classes of acids called lipids and is naturally found in high concentrations in the outermost layer of the skin – epidermis. From a detailed explanation made by Dr. Brendan Camp, double board-certified dermatologists and dermapathologist at Medical Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery in New York City. Ceramides along with cholesterol and fatty acids make up the lipids in the top layer of the skin called stratum corneum which functions includes preventing excessive water loss through epidermis and to avoid compounds from the environment permeate into the layers of the skin and thereby providing immune response. In layman’s term ceramide is something that your body makes up naturally to keep your skin healthy. Indeed, human body is amazing!

My body naturally produces it, why then do I have to look for skin care products that contains ceramides?

And this is where confusion lies among all of us, if our body can naturally produce it, then why does it has to be incorporated in our skin care products? The reality is that, whether you like it or not, our skin’s (yes, us! No one is exempted) ability to produce and maintain the right balance of lipids diminishes over time. And that is a sad reality we all have to accept. What causes ceramide depletion? Aging of course (something we cannot control) and overextending our skin to extreme environments. Thus it can be concluded that your habits can also be a culprit to ceramide deterioration in your body. Our skin will suffer if there’s an adequate amount of ceramides. The skin barrier won’t be able to work properly, the chances of potential irritants and allergens to enter the skin increases.

And this is where ceramide infused skin care products comes in to the rescue. Ceramides in skin care can be of big help in replenishing ceramides in your skin. A properly formulated and correctly packed ceramide infused skin care products can be of big help in strengthening skin’s barrier and provide skin hydration. Which in turn could result into smoother and firmer skin, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Did we just mentioned correctly packed? 

Yes, you see it right! In whatever item you purchase, pretty sure you are particular with the packaging. Now then, for a case with ceramides – ingredients such as this are often unstable. What does this mean?  This means that their effectiveness reduces when exposed to light and air. Thus means that, opaque tubes or bottles or any airtight pumps is necessary for this skin care ingredient to prolong its effectiveness and in order for it to be able to perform at its best.

The good news is.

Is it safe for my skin type?

Ceramides being naturally found in your skin is said to be safe for every skin type especially those whose primary skin care concern is dryness. It is great for addressing skin concerns such as dry flaky skin. Topical application can be of big help in filling in the cracks between epidermal cells in order to create a smooth, more protective skin barrier.

Now the question is,

What are the Skin benefits of Ceramide

Ceramide restores skin barrier

Topical application mimics the capabilities of the naturally occurring ceramides in our body. Topical application helps replenish those loss ceramides (whether due to aging or other external and environmental factors) and thus aids in keeping your skin’s barrier healthy and functioning.


Ceramide helps lock in moisture 


Topical application of ceramide infused skin care products aids in preserving the skin by means of creating a protective layer that is of big help in preventing the loss of moisture and shields the skin from any other environmental aggressors. Ceramides plays a great role in getting rid of dryness, skin dehydration and lessening the premature signs of aging.

Bid farewell to the visible signs of skin aging

According to a board certified Dermatologist, Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse, Ceramides act as linkers between epidermal skin cells – similar to the cement between bricks in a wall – to help seal up the skin barrier, to protect the deeper layers and to prevent moisture loss. Preventing moisture loss is essential in keeping the skin young looking.

And say hello smoother skin 

What a Holy Grail skin care ingredient ceramide is. A compromised skin barrier is a skin that is dry, flaky, wrinkled and is in need of rehydration. Good thing ceramide infused skin care products comes in to the rescue whereas, restored lost lipids may help increase skin’s hydration. And the result? Feeling renewed, softer and smoother skin.

Bottom line, Skin care products that is infused with ceramides supplements your skin’s natural ceramide production. Be sure not to take ceramides for granted, Queens! Have you tried checking in your skin care products? Share with us your Ceramides stories soon. Excited to hear from you. Subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive skin care tips and tricks.