The journey in finding skin care ingredients that works is endless. All thanks to the continuous product development and research –now information about beneficial skin care ingredients that works are made easily accessible. Skin concerns varies from one person to another. Other concerns may be considered more sever compared to others but bottom line our skin care concerns deeply affects our self-esteem. That feeling of not wanting to interact with people because of that unnecessary break out? We feel you, Queens! Pretty sure a lot would find it relatable. But wait, the search might be over!  This new skin care ingredient we are bound to introduce to you is beyond ready to take the spot light. And guess what? It is believed to be a dream come true to any acne sufferers! Yay. We are way beyond excited in sharing this new skin care ingredient that is bound to be your next favorite. Buckle up, Queens! This is another journey to your skin care knowledge game. Let’s go #healthyglowingskin! Allow us to introduce to you, your highness! Sea Buckthorn Oil! While the term may be confusing, the ingredient itself does not come from the sea. The ingredient is a small berry grown shrub native to the coastal and mountainous regions of Asia and Europe. It may be small but hey, as the saying goes by small but terrible!  It has long been used in medication purpose especially in early Chinese formularies. It has long been considered as an alternative remedies for variety of ailments. Studies and observations have been conducted, both subjected to human and animals – and the result didn’t disappoint. Sea buckwheat oil is indeed one of a kind. The essential oils that can be extracted can be derived from (1) fruit oil derived from the pulp of the berries and (2) seed oil extracted from the small dark seeds. Both of them offers varieties of skin benefits. Together let us reap of the skin benefits that Sea Buckthorn Oil could offer.


Antioxidants are substances that plays a big role in protecting the skin’s surface from the damages caused by the free radicals and the environment aggressors such as UV and pollution.  Why are they most commonly incorporated in skin care? Simply because the anti-aging benefits it could offer. Buckle up, Queens! We are bound to share you something that even us, when found out, is beyond surprised. Did you know that Sea Buckthorn Oil Vitamin C concentration is 12 times higher than that of the orange? Yes you see it right! Indeed, in later time. Pretty sure this skin care ingredient would take on the center stage. Vitamin C being the most sought skin care ingredient because of its ability to reduce skin’s inflammation which in turn is helpful in firming the skin and yes, the glow that you have long been waiting to achieve.


And the list of the endless skin benefits that the Sea Buckthorn oil could offer continues.Fatty acids functions as the building blocks for a healthy cell membranes for this fats help produce the skin’s natural oil barrier – helpful in keeping skin plumper and hydrated. The exceptional composition of sea buckthorn oil lists fatty acids are as follows: (1) linoleic acid (Omega-6) and alpha-linoleic acid (Omega-3) fatty acids that are believed to contain age fighting properties that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne and skin damage. It also contains oealic acid (Omega-9) oil that human body can also naturally produce plus, would you believe that is the only plant source that contains omega 7? Omega 7 is known to be as palmitoleic acid – it helps to nourish from within, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin in addition to promoting renewal. Indeed, fatty acids that Sea Buckthorn contains are deemed to be essential for that gorgeous radiant, glowing skin.


Sea buckthorn oils plays a great role in slowing down the aging process of the mature skin, provides hydration and promotes the formation of the collagen (collagen – the fountain to a youthful skin) and increasing its elasticity – which is beneficial in decreasing the number of deep wrinkles, prevents skin from sagging and smoothing out fine lines. As a source rich in antioxidants, sea buckthorn oil also protects the skin from photo-aging and the negative effect of free radicals caused by environmental pollution.


Gone are the days that you need to hide because of your acne concerns. Sea Buckthorn oil may be the skincare ingredient you should be looking for when looking for skin care products that addresses your specific skin care needs. Sea Buckthorn oil being rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties makes it an effective skin care ingredient for your acne concerns for it helps reduce swelling and redness associated with your skin conditions without even drying out the skin. When applied topically, the oil itself signals the oil glands to stop creating excessive sebum that is culprit in your acne breakouts. Apart from your acne concerns, the anti-inflammatory properties that this oil inhibits also addresses other skin care conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Now that all the skin benefits are enumerated to you. How well do you find the Sea Buckthorn Oil? How excited are you now in incorporating the said ingredient in your usual skin care routine? Ready now to check out Sea Buckthorn oil infused skin care products? Excited for that #beautyhaul. Tag us on your stories. We’d love to see you achieve that healthy glowing skin!




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