It’s time to celebrate our favorite green ingredients – little known but the skin benefits might surprise you! Our favorite salad ingredient, apart from the health benefits it could offer as an edible vegetable has a lot more to give. Broccoli seed oil? Oh that look in the eyes, that nod in the forehead implies that chances are, this might be the first time that you’re hearing it as well. The feeling is mutual, Queens! B&A would very much love to be with you in your pursuit of looking for skincare products that actually works. Our weekly dose of skincare tips and advice are just some of the reason why we very much and highly encourage you to become a B&A Insider. So without further do, let us all try to reap off all the skin benefits that the broccoli seed oil could offer. Hands in the air if you are as excited as us!


Since this skincare product seems new to your ears. You might as well imagine broccoli seed oil coming from squashing the green vegetable to make a juices.  But here’s the tea, Broccoli seed oil is actually derived from cold-pressing the tiny seeds of the broccoli sprout. Consider Broccoli sprout as David the famous bible story about David and Goliath. Small but terrible. Yes! Would you believe it when we say that broccoli sprout contains 80-100 times more of the antioxidant sulforaphane (it is a sulfur rich compound found in cruciferous vegetables that helps neutralizes toxins and reduces inflammation) than the broccoli itself? Yes! No wonder why Broccoli seed oil is starting to make a noise in the beauty industry. By nature, broccoli seed oil is pale greenish-yellow color. Expect it to smell like broccoli. The said skincare product is believed to contain and impressive fatty acid profile such omega-9 (Oelic acid) and omega-6 (linoleic acid) functions as a big help in effectively improving the skin barrier function plus making the skin even smoother. Did we mention that it also contains beneficial vitamins like Vitamin A? Yes! Some people are even shifting to usage of the said oil because of the least desirable side effects it inhibits.  Its moisturizing ability and antioxidant properties are just some of the reason why this said skincare ingredient is starting to take a spotlight. Together, Let us reap off all the skin benefits this wonder oil could offer:


Broccoli seed oil contains loads of Vitamin A essential in keeping the skin hydrated and balanced. It is essential in speeding up the healing process, preventing breakouts and supporting the skin’s immune system while naturally promoting natural moisturizing. Vitamin A is also believed to be an antioxidant that is vital part of the other commonly known skincare products, retinol products. Looking for a Vitamin A infused skincare products without having to worry about undesirable effects such as redness or swelling? Consider broccoli seed oil as part of your alternative solution.


As mentioned earlier, Broccoli sprout, (the primary source of the oil) contains 80-100 times more of the antioxidant sulforaphane than the actual broccoli itself, sulforaphane is a compound that is believed to mobilize cellular defense that is vital in protecting the skin in the harmful UV damage. Broccoli seed oil is directly absorbed into the skin cells when applied topically and works on a cellular level to reduce the harmful effects caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays. Brace yourselves, Queens! Because this might even surprise you as well. Giving you reason why Broccoli seed oil should be considered as a must have ingredient. With researchers and experts supporting the claim, It is said that broccoli seed oil could possibly help prevent skin cancer.  From a study dated year 2013 in John Hopkins University about the effects of supfuropahe it was then concluded that supfuropahe is a highly effective agent when it comes to hindering cancer-causing pathways. Nonetheless, this is a promising study in the field of medicine addressing skin concern such as skin cancer. However, given the studies made by the expert, it is not that advisable for you to switch your sun blocks to broccoli seed oil. A great addition to your skincare routine. How does that sound to your, Queens?


High vitamin content? The skin benefits broccoli seed oil could offer does not just end there. Broccoli seed oil is oozing with fatty acids (such as omega 6 and omega 9) making it an effective source of skin moisturization and hydration. Those abovementioned fatty acids plays an integral role in the inflammatory response of our skin. Its appearance and keeping the cell walls strong so that it won’t lose it won’t lose water. Another good news is that, given the impressive fatty acid profile that this oil has, the said oil still manages to be light weight and non-greasy. Who would even want that sticky feeling right? Struggling with dry skin? Needing extra hydration and boost? Consider Broccoli seed oil as one of your skincare companion. How does the idea of adding it to your usual skincare routine appeals to you.


Saving the best for last, Broccoli seed oil is not oozing with fatty acids for nothing. It’s as if its entire cellular being is crafted to address specific skin concerns. The Broccoli seed is said to contain 11.4 percent of Omega-6 fatty acid (linoleic acid) an essential building block for ceramides. Ceramides along with cholesterol and fatty acids make up the lipids in the top layer of the skin called stratum corneum which functions includes preventing excessive water loss through epidermis and to avoid compounds from the environment permeate into the layers of the skin and thereby providing immune response. They acts as a linkers between epidermal skin cells – similar to the cement between bricks in a wall – to help seal up the skin barrier, to protect the deeper layers and to prevent moisture loss. Topical application of broccoli seed oil aids in preventing moisture loss which is believed to be vital in keeping the skin young looking. Now, having said all these. What are your thoughts about this broccoli seed oil? This may sound new to you but what are your thoughts about this oil? We love hearing from you, Queens!  For now we highly suggests you to Become a B&A Insider. Get the latest beauty tips, news and product notification and exclusive promotions in your box! Subscribe to our Newsletter. We are excited for you! Be part of our mailing list by simply signing up below!




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