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Your skin, being the most delicate part of your body needs a lot of care and attention not only for aesthetic purposes but also for the most important function it does for you – Aside from it acts as your sensory organs it also does provide a protective barrier against mechanical, thermal, physical injury, and hazardous substances. The massive growth that the skincare industry has as of these days implies that truly everyone understands the value of skincare. Besides, feeling good about the skin you are in could do so much in boosting your confidence, right?

The colder season is getting near, how excited are you then? how do you prepare your skin for the season such as this? Colder temperatures and low humidity tend to make your skin feel dry and flaky. But no worries then, we’ve got you covered for that skin concern of yours. You should then meet the best skin care ingredient for dry skin – a beauty secret that not too many people know about. 

Check on the labels of your favorite beauty moisturizers – you may have seen urea listed in the ingredients list. Moisturizing plays a vital role in keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Urea is most commonly incorporated in a variety of cosmetics and skincare products because of its moisturizing and exfoliating properties. In fact, it has been hailed as one of the effective skincare ingredients in treating dry skin as published in this study in the year 2017. 

Urea is a naturally occurring substance found at the outermost sublayer of the skin an active part of our skin’s NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) alongside various amino acids, lactic acid, and pyrrolidone carboxylic aid all of which are water bending essentially for maintaining hydration levels of the skin. Aging is something that we cannot stop, urea decreases with age and a variety of external environmental factors. Thus making skin more susceptible to dryness, inflammation, and visible signs of aging. Explore more of the skin-loving benefits that this wonder ingredient could have to your skin. 


Urea is a natural moisturizer 

The role that this skincare ingredient could do in your skin is remarkable. In a lower percentage it helps maintain a healthy moisture balance at a higher percentage it encourages a healthy cell turnover. This study published in the year 2018  concluded that a less than 10 percent urea content in creams and lotions could do so much in treating dry skin or any skin conditions that may lead to dry skin. On the other hand, an above 10 percent solution has keratolytic action – thus help exfoliate dry and flaking skin. 


Urea helps permeability of other skincare ingredients 

Sure that you love to follow your skin care regimen after a long tiring day especially now that the massive influence that the Korean skincare routine has in today’s beauty industry. The good thing about skincare infused with urea is that it helps the permeability of other skincare ingredients. It was proven true by this study published in the year 2013. This primarily implies that it can make your most loved serum used alongside it more effective. 


Urea as your go-to exfoliator  

As mentioned, at a higher percentage within a formula, urea then becomes a natural exfoliator. Its moisturizing properties alongside it make it a potent skin treatment in sloughing off dead skin cells Being part of the skin’s NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) alongside lactic acid could potentially improve skin’s water-binding capabilities rebuilding a suppler looking skin. 


Urea in keeping your skin hydrated 

Hydrated skin is the fountain of youth. Urea could do so much in keeping your skin hydrated. This” water-loving” ingredient has the ability to hold more water molecules giving your skin plump and moist. Its high water content replaces those that are lost through your skin in an efficient manner. It helps modify your skin’s amino chain structure which plays a vital role in moisturizing skin’s delicate tissues.


Urea for your existing skin condition 

Studies have shown that this holy grail skincare ingredient could as well help you in your acne concern by means of improving skin health by breaking down the antimicrobial peptide which targets acne-causing bacteria. This vitro study concluded that urea has the potential to hinder the growth of Malassezia a fungus naturally found on the skin surface that can cause hyperpigmentation. On the other note, This study published in the year 2013 stated that urea could as well help in skin conditions such as dermatitis and excessive dryness as it helps restore the skin’s barrier function. Its permeability allows it to be your go-to skincare ingredient when you are dealing with some skin hydration conditions. 

What best way to sum it all up? It’s a holy grail skincare ingredient wrapped up into one: your go-to moisturizer and a chemical exfoliant.

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