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Nature truly loves everyone that much as it gives plenty of benefits not just to address some of your health concerns but your beauty needs as well. Yes! When the talk about all-natural skincare ingredients is put on the line, pretty sure you pretty much have heard a lot about, olive oil coconut oil, and marula oil but there is one hidden gem that is just waiting for you to discover – the skincare hero that is about to become your best skin friend. The name is macadamia oil , originated from the trees in Australia, macadamia nuts are popular for their subtle, nutty flavor, and rich texture. Aside from its great taste, its nuts are naturally dense and have the highest natural sources of fatty acids. 

Being a woman requires a lot of touch-ups, and you wouldn’t deny the fact that those touch up such as simple facials, salons, spas are some of the things that you look forward to doing. Indeed, self-care is the highest form of self-love. From hair down to your face, this wonder oil sure has a lot to offer as it is packed with a potent dose of fatty acids, magnesium, and vitamin E – good for your skin and hair. 

Dealing with dry skin? Macadamia oil is the one for you. How about dry and damaged hair? Do not get all worked up as macadamia oil can do the wonders for you. As the winter season is just sitting right around the corner, this wonder oil could do help you combat the dry season.

Reap off all the beauty benefits this wonder oil could offer: 


Macadamia oil is rich in antioxidants 

Macadamia oil is packed with plenty of skin-loving ingredients such as the antioxidants Vitamin E and squalene vital in skin’s maintenance and protection. Squalene is naturally produced by our body that makes up 10-12% of your skin’s natural oils. It is a lipid or fat made naturally by our oil glands – sebaceous glands to be exact, with the primary purpose of hydrating and maintaining our skin’s barrier. This oil then gives olive oil an added boost of antioxidants.


Macadamia oil for younger-looking skin

Not quite convinced yet about the wonders of this oil? Sit back and relax as we give you more reasons why this has to be incorporated into your day-to-day skincare routine. Macadamia oil apart from combating the appearance of skin aging does all the work by preventing early signs of skin aging as it contains a potent amount of manganese a trace mineral needed for producing amino acid proline that is essential in the skin’s collagen production thereby maintaining young-looking skin.


Macadamia oil keeps skin moisturized 

Make the most memories this winter without having to worry about your dry skin. The good thing is, macadamia oil essential fatty acid content such as oleic acid is a godsend to those who are suffering from dry and aging skin as it penetrates deeply into the skin’s surface replenishing all the lost needed moisture of the skin. Macadamia oil is naturally lightweight so you do not have to worry about that heavy greasy feeling. Indeed, a skin bestie for this cold season.


Macadamia helps tame frizzy hair 

Hair is indeed one’s crowning glory. A good hair day means a lot to every woman as it adds up to your confidence. However, at some point somehow, we tend to abuse our hair because of excessive usage of some hair care products. Do not all work up with that frizzy hair as macadamia oil has a lot to offer to all of your beauty concerns. Its essential fatty acid content makes it your go-to natural oil in taming your frizzy hair. Oleic acid content is of big help in regenerating the skin in your scalp thus, boosting the overall health of your hair from the roots. 


Bid farewell to damaged hair with the boost from macadamia oil 

Did you know that macadamia oil is rich in magnesium? Magnesium plays a vital role in helping the body create a protein that in turn promotes hair growth. Massaging oil in your scalp rich with it helps increase blood flow and prevents hair loss. In combination with essential fatty acids claimed to give a shiny stronger hair. Also, macadamia oil contains antioxidants which is helpful in allowing your hair to recover from its environmental exposure.

Healthy glowing skin and silky smooth hair? Relay your confidence in the wonders that this oil could do.

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