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What you eat has a lot to contribute to your health and well-being and is primarily reflected on your skin. This perhaps is one big reason why fruits and other beneficial herbal plants are most commonly incorporated in your favorite beauty and skincare products because of the plenty of benefits they could bring when used in topical applications. May it be in its original form, supplement, or as one of the ingredients in your favorite beauty bottles sure that the potential benefits they bring are well studied and proven to be effective.

From cleansers, to scrub, you probably have heard a lot about this wonder skincare ingredient. Apricots are stone fruits also known as Armenian plums. Yellow in color and is round in shape that shares the same sweetness as plum. When eaten, is packed with nutritious and health benefits and when applied topically, pretty sure will turn out to be your skin friend. Packed with beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin all of which deliver a potent source of antioxidants that is essential in getting rid of free radicals in your body which in turn is good for the overall well-being of your skin.

All thanks to the continuous studies and research, knowledge about the efficacy of these nature-friendly substances was now known to many. How excited are you then to get to know more about the skin-loving and health benefits that this wonder fruit could offer? Together, let us reap off how well our skin and overall health could benefit from it.

Defy skin aging with the help of apricot oil

Your exposure to environmental aggressors has a lot to do with the appearance of that unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. But the good thing is, apricot oils have a lot of anti-aging benefits to offer as their potent dose of Vitamin C and E helps slow down the aging process. Its vitamin content potentially helps collagen production, vital in maintaining the skin’s youthful appearance.

Apricot oil for some existing skin conditions

A natural healer, that is somehow apricot oil could be described. Its Vitamin C and Omega 3 fatty acids content potentially helps treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea along with its capability to treat the appearance of the scar on the skin. Apricot oil is rich with fatty acid content that is believed to be helpful in treating pre-existing skin inflammation as published last 2007 in this study. t has a heavy dose of Oleic acid that amounts to almost 70% of its fatty acid content, an anti-inflammatory substance that helps stimulate wound healing, calm, and repair the skin as it has compounds that reinforce the skin’s membrane integrity.

Apricot oil for added skin moisture

Having said all the skin-friendly vitamin content of the oil obtained from the dried seeds of the fruit, the softening feel that it gives is attributed to its vitamin content such as vitamin A and E making it a great deal for soothing dry, rough and chapped skin. Also, have we mentioned that apricot oil is lightweight? Yes! It has the capability to resemble the naturally produced oil sebum of the skin. Thus, making it easily absorbed by the skin without giving you that greasy feel making it soft, smooth, supple, and moisturized.

Apricot oil for skin’s elasticity

Being mild natural oil, no wonder why this oil is also incorporated in baby products. The revitalizing and nourishing effects that the oil could give are just some of the reasons why you should look for it in your favorite beauty bottles. Elastin, a fibrous protein found in the skin’s dermal layer is the one solely responsible for maintaining the skin’s elasticity. As an abundant source of skin-friendly vitamins and essential fatty acids vital for the skin building blocks, oil that is produced from the apricot dried seeds helps maintain the skin’s clarity, suppleness, and elasticity.

Apricot oil as an added SPF

SPF matters as the UV rays alone could do so much in your skin’s barrier function. The good thing is that, apricot oil’s vitamin C content potentially helps against UV-induced skin damage by neutralizing free radicals. Beta carotene, on the other note, is another nutrient that apricot has, this nutrient plays a vital role in maintaining skin health and appearance as it potentially helps the skin against UV radiation from the sun. This was proven true by this study posted in the year 2008, whereas, beta carotene supplements were proven to be effective in reducing the risk of having sunburn by merely 20%. However, this study alone would not suffice the fact that wearing sunscreen with broad-spectrum is a must.


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