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They say, what you eat has a lot to do with your skin. Your skin is the reflection of how well you are taking good care of your entire health spectrum. As such, this perhaps is the reason why aside from being included in your usual diets – experts loved to take into consideration the use of fruits and other herbal leaves as part of the ingredient of your favorite skincare products. Because why not? Who could ever go wrong with all-natural skincare ingredients? 

As such, meet plum kernel oil. Plum, is an oval fleshy fruit that contains a flattish pointed pit. Its oil is derived by cold pressing the seeds of the fruit plum. The oil itself is clear to golden yellow in color. When used as a skincare ingredient, it hosts plenty of skin-loving benefits as it acts as a hydrator and anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps brighten skin complexion, protects skin against free radical damage caused by exposure to harmful environmental aggressors, potentially aids in the skin’s cellular repair process, controls sebum production, and skin turnover. 

The benefits that this plant could offer have long been known since ancient times – mostly used by the Asian cultures where it was most commonly used as traditional medicines for more than 200 years.

A natural skincare ingredient such as this sure has plenty of stuff to offer that your skin would probably love. Did you know that plum kernel oil is light? Yes! So you do not have to worry about that heavy greasy feel making it a nutrient-rich daily treatment that you can use beneath your heavy creams especially in such a colder season like this where your skin is in dire need of extra hydration. 

Reap off all the skin-loving benefits that this elixir oil could offer! Get to know more about why it deserves a spot in your beauty bags! 

Plum kernel oil helps regulate the skin’s sebum production 

Indeed, a holy grail for all those who are dealing with oily and acne-prone skin. Overproduction of sebum is the primary culprit for that unwanted breakout that all of us pretty much hate to deal with. Do not get all dulled and worked out in finding a solution for this dilemma as plum kernel oil already got you covered.  Plum kernel oil has a high concentration of skin-loving fatty acids such as (1) oleic acid that helps encourage body levels for sebum production thus preventing an overproduction which keeps acne at bay and (2) linoleic acid that potentially helps the skin cells turnover thereby helpful in preventing clogging of pores. In fact, this recent study published in the year 2020 has proven the efficacy of skincare products packed with fatty acids in promoting healthier skin. 

Plum kernel oil for skin hydration 

Well-hydrated skin is happy skin. How well do you believe in this? Keeping your skin hydrated plays an integral role in your skin’s health. The outermost layer of your skin is always in dire need of moisture to flush away the toxins and carry out nutrients in your skin cells. The good thing is, this ultra-hydrating elixir oil is of big help in providing skin added moisture as it is packed with hydrating fatty acids such as Omega 6 and Omega 9 – these polyunsaturated fats are your skin’s building blocks for a healthy membrane as it helps produce skin’s natural oil barrier thereby keeping skin hydrated, plumper, and less prone to aging. 

Plum kernel oil for skin’s response to inflammation 

Plum kernel oil is packed with polyphenols that possess anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties, and DNA repair activities which is of big help in the prevention of skin disorders caused by too much exposure to harmful environmental aggressors such as UV light. With the skin protection that this elixir oil could provide no wonder why its potential in treating skin cancer has also been studied. In fact, this study published early 2020 has seen indications that plum kernel extract has the potential treatment for anti-cancer. 

Plum kernel oil’s antioxidant properties for overall skin health 

The plum kernel oil is packed with skin-loving vitamins such as vitamin A, which promotes healing and healthy cell turnover, vitamin C, which helps in the skin’s cell repair thereby treating skin’s hyperpigmentation, and vitamin E that helps heal and repair the damaged skin. Packed with antioxidant properties thereby helpful in promoting overall skin health. Younger-looking skin? Achieved! As its vitamin A content helps refine wrinkles, improve the elasticity of the skin, and promote healthy cell turnover. 

Plum kernel oil for skin healing 

Plum kernel oil may also be your go-to oil for speeding up skin healing as it is packed with vitamin E content helpful in reducing scars and speeds up the skin’s wound healing process. The topical application of skincare ingredients packed with vitamin E is effective at reducing skin damages induced by exposure to harmful UV rays. 

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