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The coconut tree is somehow referred to as the tree of life because of all the plenty of benefits it could give to sustain human life. Considered to be one of the most useful trees in the world because of the plenty of uses we could do from the tree’s top to bottom. Sure that the benefits that this tree could give to mankind are known. This tree of life is where coconut oil comes in, a highly saturated oil that is extracted from raw coconuts or dried coconut kernels. Most frequently part of everyone’s kitchen but is now starting to take the skin and beauty industry’s spotlight. Plenty of studies were done exploring its efficacy when used in the skin. Having said all these, let us try to explore what makes this oil one of the touted remedies for some of your skin-related concerns.

Coconut oil is a highly saturated oil, rich in medium-chain fatty acids that makes up 65% of its composition. In dealing with skin concerns, lauric acid, which comprises 49% of its fatty acid composition speaks so much about itself as it is considered to be the number one source of antimicrobial properties vital in killing bacteria on the skin and reducing inflammation. Hmm does that pretty much explain why experts are weighing in coconut oil as your go-to oil in dealing with bacteria causing acne? Well then, it is important to note that this oil may not be for everyone. Truth to be told, coconut oil is considered one of the most comedogenic oils on the market. If you have skin prone to congestion and breakouts, coconut oil may not be an answer for your concerns on your face however, you can still apply it to your other body parts which have fewer oil glands than the face.  Try checking out Marula oil instead if you are looking for an oil that can do all the wonders for your acne-prone skin. For those who are not dealing with extra sensitive skin, coconut oil is fine to incorporate as a part of your skincare routine.

Reap off all the wonders that this oil produced by the tree could possibly not just to the skin on your face but to your overall body as well:

Coconut oil has antibacterial properties that combat skin concerns caused by bacteria or fungi

Skin concerns like athlete’s foot, acne, cellulitis, and folliculitis are just some of the skin concern that is most commonly caused by bacteria or fungi. The good thing is, coconut oil lauric acid content can potentially fight microorganisms that cause your skin concern. In relation to the lauric acid’s capability to combat microorganisms, this study found out that lauric acid was the most effective at blocking the growth of certain bacteria as compared to 30 other fatty acids subjected to the study against 20 different strains of bacteria.

Coconut oil can potentially help ease inflammation

Skin disorders such as psoriasis, contact dermatitis, and eczema are just some of the skin disorders that deal with chronic inflammation. Coconut oil showed promising anti-inflammatory properties as subjected to an animal published in this study in the year 2010 whereas a topical application of coconut oil was done to the inflamed ear of the subject animal with which later on showed a promising anti-inflammatory effect.

On the other note, this study published in the year 2019 concluded that virgin coconut oil could overturn inflammatory markers and provide skin protection by enhancing skin’s barrier function.

Dealing with dry skin? Coconut oil could be of big help as well

Not only does it combat dry skin, but its rich fatty acid content could also help retain the skin’s moisture thereby keeping your overall skin silky and smooth.

This study published in the year 2004 explored coconut oil’s capability to provide skin hydration whereas, patients dealing with moderately dry skin were subjected to the study and late found out that, coconut oil could significantly improve skin’s hydration the same way mineral oils can.

Dealing with eczema? Coconut oil may be your go-to natural solution whereas, this study published in the year 2008 topical application of coconut oil to the affected area of the skin helped reduce dryness in addition to treating skin conditions such as eczema and as subject to 52 adults with the said skin concern.

Keeping your skin hydrated is important as it enables its functions as your barrier in keeping bacteria at bay thereby promoting the skin’s overall health.

Coconut oil is of big help in wound healing

Coconut oil’s antimicrobial properties are of big help in preventing infection which later on could complicate the skin’s wound healing process. Several studies were conducted in order to further prove this claim whereas, this study published in the year 2010  as subject to an animal showed that treating wounds with virgin coconut oil could speed up wound healing and increase levels of collagen – an important protein that aids in the healing process.


What type of coconut oil should I look out for?

The process by which coconut oil undergoes has a great impact on its efficacy. The two main types of coconut oil that you may encounter on the course of looking for it are: (1) Virgin coconut oil and (2) Refined coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil undergoes wet processing whereas, oil is obtained from raw coconut meat. Thus, richer in antioxidants and polyphenols. On the other note, refined coconut oil undergoes dry processing whereas coconut meat was dried to create kernels, pressing them to extract the oil, bleach, and then deodorize them.

While refined coconut oil is best recommended for cooking at high temperatures, it is important to note that virgin coconut oil could better address your skin concerns.


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