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The beauty industry has indeed grown enormously during the course of the pandemic. Plenty of beauty tools were introduced in the market just for beauty enthusiasts to mimic their beauty and salon experiences.

Jade rollers, facial steamers, and gua sha facial lifting emerged to be on top of the list.

What has been your favorite tool? Do you find it effective? What are the positive notes you can share by just simply using those? On the other note, for those who are still contemplating getting started with using beauty tools. Let us introduce you to one of the beauty tools which you probably have seen plenty of times to your favorite YouTubers, bloggers, or to your favorite local celebrity. That flat heart-shaped tool that you’ve been seeing plenty of times is called gua sha tool.

This flat tool is made up of semi-precious stone that is primarily used to massage the face. Though this may look new to all of us, this beauty tool has long been used as part of traditional healing practice in China and different parts of Southeast Asia as cited in this study. These two terms imply the following meanings: gua, to stroke or press and sha refers to redness.


Gua Sha based on materials

Gua sha vary based on materials. You probably have noticed the different colors that it has, and the brief explanations are as follows:

Rose quartz, is a pretty shade of pink that is associated with emotions, compassion, and love. Primarily used in getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

Black Obsidian, helps clear negative thoughts and emotions. Leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated. Works in strengthening the muscle tissue. Lastly, the most common color that you’ve seen perhaps, is the

Jade, reduces puffiness and promotes lymphatic drainage. Perhaps, just reading all these makes you feel more excited hopping onto it. As we go along with the exciting part, let us jump in to the benefits of the Gua Sha tool. It has been said that upon regular use, these are just some of the things that you can observe:


Gua Sha skin benefits


Gua Sha reduces puffiness

Experts believed that anything that stimulates the blood flow and oxygen to the skin can help with the collagen production thus, this primarily explains the reason being behind the sweeping directional movements of gua sha tool in combination with the pressure that one would use in pressing it against the skin may act as a pump that plays a vital role in improving the face lymphatic drainage thereby reducing the puffy skin and dark under-eye bags.


Improves the appearance of the skin

In relation to the matter previously discussed, improved lymph drainage and circulation implies fewer waste products resurfacing from the underneath thereby revealing a fairer skin appearance on the outside. Stimulating the muscle of the skin using this amazing technique helps bring oxygen to the area. Not only does it is beneficial in giving a fairer appearance it also aids in improving the elasticity of the skin.

Helps get rid of the acne scars

Stubborn acne scars that hinder you to be confident in speaking and dealing with others?  Gua Sha tool brings fresh blood to the surface of the skin, which in most common beauty language, renews the skin cells, which in return, plays a vital role in reducing the visibility of acne scars.

Alleviate muscle tension

Another one of the reasons why people are fond of using gua sha tool is that it helps relax muscle tension in the face and jaw area. Which in turn, is of the essence in preventing fine lines and wrinkles thereby revealing younger-looking skin.

Boost the efficacy of the skincare products

Now is perhaps the best time that you add up the gua sha tool massaging to your daily skincare routine as it is believed to enhance the absorption of the proceeding skincare products you are bound to use next. It enhances creams, serums, and even facial oils.

The efficacy of scrapping therapy that was just discussed has been explored by experts in the field of science already. Evidence suggests that in relation to skin, other functions of the human body such as the nervous system and immune system interact with one another to generate a cascade of physiological responses to the scraping, thus enabling scraping to result in therapeutic benefits as cited in this recent study published the year 2021.

What are your thoughts then? Excited to give Gua sha a try? Share with us your thoughts.

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