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As a woman capable of doing plenty of things, errands here and there, our daily lives are bombarded with varieties of life stressors – may it be coming from your work, at home, your personal relationships, or even the environment that can up to daily stress. Have you ever experienced a breakout during your stress days? Well then, the rationale behind your stressed skin is that the body’s sympathetic nervous system releases stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline into your body when you are experiencing a little bit of stress. Cortisol causes an increase in oil production in your skin glands, which in turn can cause an acne breakout.

Do not get all worked up in dealing with stressed skin as there are plenty of healthy skincare habits to establish when you are experiencing down times in your life.
While scanning this, have you thought of the steps you previously have taken in response to this? What happened to your skin then? Does it get better? Or worse?

According to the experts, as a general rule of thumb, going back to basics would save your stressed skin from a lot of drama during not-so-easy times such as stress, skincare products with excess fragrance, colors, and dyes could have a big tendency to irritate the skin during these fragile times. On the other note, in as much as you are tempted in covering up your stressed skin, makeup won’t be the best resort to do it. Allowing your skin to breathe by taking less makeup would be of big help.

While covering up might be the first thing that comes to your mind, little did you know that there are plenty of skincare ingredients that do all the wonders in saving your skin when signs of stress go visible in it.

Buckle up, Queens as we got you all covered up in dealing with your stressed skin.

Hyaluronic acid

Plays a role in keeping the skin hydrated. Our bodies can naturally produce this but as we age older, the process of producing it deteriorates.  Hyaluronic acid essentially helps the skin to hold water thereby keeping the skin hydrated. On the other note, as backed by Science, it’ll take about 28 days for a new skin cell to make it to the surface of the skin. But as with aging, the skin renewal process would take a little bit longer, good thing that Hyaluronic Acid also stimulates skin regeneration by means of offering extra hydration and barrier protection to the skin giving you healthier skin and a more vibrant complexion.

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Vitamin C

What is a skincare ingredient without Vitamin C? This wonderful skin booster is pretty much always on the list of your most-loved skincare ingredients. A powerful antioxidant that fights off damages from the environmental aggressors which somehow causes not just you but also your skin stress. As a powerhouse antioxidant, it is of big help in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles that build up during your stress days.


Surprised, aren’t you? While lavender may be well known in aromatherapy, this is also your grandma’s secret for bright skin. No, we are not keeping it a secret here. Maintaining hydrated skin is important. Lavender has a high content of Vitamin A thereby making it your go-to ingredient for your skin’s moisture-holding capacity. Worried that this might irritate your skin? Worry no more like lavender, is a natural skin care ingredient that is perfectly suited for sensitive, mature, and dry skin.

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We promise not to keep it a secret from you as we love to treat your skin to our Harmony with Nature Facial Tonic Collection.

Calm Down Lavender Water Facial Tonic

Freshen up with each blended spray of Lavender water and Glycerin essence that provides moisture and nutrition to your skin. Lavender water is handmade and extracted from fresh flowers with the right distillation temperature to keep vitamins, fragrance, and natural color. The perfect combination gives skin a boost of hydration and refreshment.

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Vitamin E

Vitamin E encourages skin cell turnover and protects the breakdown of collagen production – which is vital in keeping the skin young-looking. It prevents the premature development of new fine lines and wrinkles revealing a youthful glow. Your skin needs pretty much hydration especially when you are susceptible to experiencing dry skin. Vitamin E as a moisturizer could be easily absorbed by the skin –protects the skin’s lipid and cell membranes. This Vitamin both seals in moisture vital for keeping your skin hydrated and improves your skin’s ability to hold water to avoid skin from having to experience that dry, flaky, and rough feeling. Vitamin E has proven so much in the field of Dermatology, In fact, this study concluded that Vitamin E also holds photoprotective properties thus implying that vitamin E holds potential in protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays.


An essential water-soluble vitamin derivative of Vitamin B3 – one of the eight vitamins in the Vitamin B complex, this vitamin is not synthesized in our body, thus primarily implies that they have to be eaten in order to receive its benefits or in case such as skin care products, they have to be applied topically. Experts referred the Vitamin B3 to a well-oiled machine – it helps fight internal and external stressors that contribute to the deterioration of our skin that eventually leads to visible signs of skin aging. Vitamin B3 also has inflammatory properties thus aids if acne and dark spots are your biggest skin concerns.

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Pretty much overwhelmed with the lists of ingredients we’ve just provided? Worry no more as we summed up everything that your skin needs in just one product. Yes! When your skin is dealing with a little bit of stress, keep serum handy with you, and the wonders that it could do is beyond words.

Check out the B&A 24K Pure Gold Best-seller, skin-friendly, and all-natural serum.

The wonderful combination of pure gold particles and natural essential oils rejuvenates the skin and reduces wrinkles and dark spots. Your skin will be immersed in the fragrance of the organic Rose blossom, Lavender, and White Tea oils bringing you the warmth of nature. Every drop of 24k Pure Gold Deluxe Serum can penetrate deeply and quickly into your skin revealing an invigorated look.

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