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Valuing oneself plays a vital role in one’s character development. In such cases that this matter is being discussed comes the term self-esteem, which is defined as the opinion that someone has for themselves. Life experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and social pressure adds up to the way how self-esteem is molded. While others find it easy to work on improving their self-esteem, others, however, do not. Low self-esteem may result in anxiousness that greatly impacts the overall mental well-being. Once your mental well-being is compromised, it enables a domino effect in different areas of your life such as how you portray yourself, perform certain tasks, and deal with others.

While reading this passage, have you taken some time to evaluate yourself? How much do you like the person that you are right now? What are the things that you are good at? What are things that you are most afraid to try? How much are you willing to forgive yourself when you committed a mistake? While you are thinking about your answers to these questions. Be reminded to be always gentle to yourself. Being gentle adds up to building one’s self-esteem and building healthy mental health. Acknowledge the baby steps you’re making towards self-improvement.

As you go along in your journey of understanding and embracing yourself more, check on these 7 ways or steps that you might want to take in relation to improving your mental well-being.

  1. Know yourself more by making a list of the things you are good at

Insecurities add up to the state of your emotional well-being. Work on your self-esteem by focusing more on the things you are most capable of. List down all the things that you are good at. This gives you pride in something.

  1. Boundaries are important

The thing is, your well-being is as important as life is demanding you to be.  A big part of improving your emotional well-being is setting priorities is learning the art of saying no. A balanced life means having to learn the skill of saying no. Taking another obligation when you really have no energy for it is somehow draining and may affect your mental health. It is called assertiveness, this means being honest about your own feelings and needs while respecting others at the same time. Be clear about expectations and how you can work on them.

  1. Allow yourself to enjoy your own space

When was the last time that you had a good stroll around nature all by yourself? Take a walk and pay attention to what is happening around you. Allow yourself to be present at the given point in time for a moment. Have a walk, take yourself on a date – a little pampering sounds like the best plan.  Leave the things that you have been doing in a routine manner. There is more to your life than beating the deadlines every now and then. Mingle with nature, be one with it. Allow your thoughts to come freely out of your mind. Breathe in and release.

  1. Sweat it out!

Burn your calories. Jog, sign up for that gym membership you’ve been keeping an eye on for quite some time. Get out of your comfort zone and start healthy habits.  Be on the move. Whether we are talking about physical or mental health – doing exercise should always be on top of your list. Push yourself to get up early in the morning. Go for a walk or run and allow yourself to breathe in the fresh air. Exercise releases endorphins which in turn help boost the mood.

  1. Build positive relationships – connect with others

    Life is not meant to be lived alone. Relate to others, spend quality time with the people that matter to you, share your stories and listen to their own. They play a big role in influencing your values which somehow could make it easier for you to find and attain your life’s purpose. Release forgiveness as it frees your unwanted emotions as well.

  1. Challenge yourself but set realistic goals

Challenge yourself to do something you badly wanted to try but not to the point that you’ll be hard on yourself. A specific, measurable, attainable within a certain time and a realistic goal would be of pretty much a big help in relation to this. The reason being is that The point here is for you to have something to look forward to, something that challenged you and pushes you to step out of your comfort zone.

And last but definitely not the least,

  1. Be gentle to yourself

If there is a person that shouldn’t be hard on yourself – that should be you! Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. Treat yourself with compassion. Failures and setbacks are part of someone’s character development. Being gentle to yourself allows you to be emotionally flexible – this then contributes to your way of navigating more complex challenging emotions. In turn, it enhances the way you connect with others and yourself.

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