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Boost your mental health

8 Ways to Boost your Mental Health

We all go through different phases in our lives – and some of those phases left us affected for quite such time. Along with it comes, stress, anxiety, or fear of the unknown – that in the bottom line, affects your mental health. We feel you, we’ve been through that as well. This may spoil you a bit, or you might think that things are easier said than done but just a simple reminder that things will work out eventually. Do not be too hard on yourself. Given the many researches explaining about mental health. There are no exact same explanation why you feel what you feel. You yourself, don’t have to explain it either. Your feeling are always valid. Bear this in mind, the most important thing here is you are trying to cope up. Recognize that every day you are winning the battle just by simply getting up. Here are some of the tips that we believe could help you boosting your mental health.

1. Spend time with nature

Who could ever go wrong with spending time with nature? The sea breeze, the sound of the chirping birds, the wind itself, little dose of sunshine, or just by simply walking or running around a park. Just the thought of it pretty sure excites you. From a study conducted by Psychology Today published last 2019, it was found out that nature-based recreation contributes to the improvement of mental health in the areas of general well-being while significantly aiding in the potential decreasing symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. Being outside in the sun can also boost mood just by getting natural dose of Vitamin D. (Hep-hep! But be sure to wear your sunscreens, okay?)

2. Exercise, Exercise

Whether we are talking about physical or mental health – doing exercise should always be on top of your list. Some of you would pretty much agree that given the fact that exercising is beneficial on our over-all well being. You know it right? But guilty that some of us fail to incorporate it on our day to day lives. Push yourself to get up early in the morning. Go for a walk or run allow yourself to breathe in fresh air. Exercise releases endorphins which in turns help boost the mood.

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Breakfast! “You are what you eat” You probably have heard these tons and countless times when…

3. Sleep well

Agree that staying all night, binge watching your favorite nextflix series is tempting – a short reward for a tiring day right? But is a punishment on yourself the following day. The heavy feeling the next day, the feeling that you want to be glued on your bed. Is that how you want your usual day to be? Did you know that not getting enough amount of sleep reduces your ability to concentrate? Would you agree? Do you feel the same dilemma? Now is the time to adopt to healthy sleep habits. You might want to follow these recommendations given by The National Sleep foundation in achieving sound sleep at night. (1) Stick to the same sleep schedule of the same bedtime and wake up time and (2) Sleeping on a comfortable mattress and pillow. Getting a good night’s sleep will not only make you feel better the next day, but it also beneficial for you in avoiding variety of health problems.

4 . Eat well

Eating well means eating a healthy and balanced diet. Caring for your well-being is a long term commitment – you yourself will solely benefit from it. Your brain, being one of the busiest organs in your body needs the right kind of fuel in order to keep it functioning properly. Make it a habit to food rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as it helps improve your mood and promotes cognitive function.

5. Put it on paper

You can never go wrong with journaling. This may sound outdated because of the birth of modern technologies. But seriously, put it on paper. Write down your thoughts, your plans, and your goals – document everything. There is no right or wrong way in journaling – you can be creative in expressing your thoughts, or just plain simple – all up to you. From the study conducted by Psychology Today published early 2020 it was then found out that and is proven that journaling plays great role in improving you well-being – not only minds benefit from it but your physical health too. In some counseling practices, they incorporated journaling as part of therapy. And the result? Clients have experienced reduction in anxiety and depression.

6. Do some relaxing

Staying indoors during this most uncertain time opens up to you exploring what more you can do to make staying out home more fun. Do not dwell too much on the negative side of any situation, instead why don’t you try some self-soothing techniques such as meditation or yoga. This may serve as a wonderful complementary practice to therapy. It is good that you have something to look forward to every week. According to Dr. Nevins from American Osteophatic Association, Incorporating yoga to meditation and breathing helps improves one’s mental well-being – because it creates mental clarity and calmness, increases body awareness; relieves chronic stress patterns, relaxes minds and sharpens concentration.

7. Social Media Detox

In such a modern time such as this – staying away from phone is quite a challenge. But social media nowadays is creating more harm than good. That is why it is advisable that you allow yourself to breath from all the unnecessary information the social media have been bombarding you with. Create boundaries on putting away your phone on a certain time each day or better allocate a phone free day every once in a while. Focus on what is right in front of you – Do not indulge yourself too much from what you see online. Give your brain a break from being constantly stimulated by different information and images – this somehow affects and overwhelm your thought process.

8. Set new goals

Do something that will keep and push you from doing. The feeling of being accomplished towards something is incomparable. Big or small set new goals. Just make sure they are realistic and attainable. The point here is for you to have something to look forward to, something that challenged you and push you to step out of your comfort zone. Do not dwell too much on the things that you think is dragging you down. Stay present. Do not overwhelm yourself on what might be happening next. Seize every moment. The reason why rainbow appears every after storm is a gentle reminder that in life also comes different weather – but here comes rainbow to remind you that there is hope and better things are yet to come.


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