Everyday life is bombarded with varieties of to-do lists, may it be things to be done at home or at work, sure that everyone goes through these phases in their lives. Admit it or not, your busy schedules tend to make you lose your personal balance at some point in your lives.

 Balance is referred to as the means of making sure that things that make you feel happy are fulfilled such as working and getting paid, having fun, spending time with the people that matter, and being physically active.

A personal balance is a matter that you should not set aside as it is not only essential to someone’s happiness and well-being it also holds a tremendous boost on one’s productivity and self-esteem. The question here now is, what is your perception of personal balance? Is it having to accomplish your work-related tasks on weekdays and spend time with your family over the weekends? One’s perception of personal balance varies from one person to another. Based on the definition given, so long as things are making you happy and fulfilled.

If you are that someone who struggles to find a way to recalibrate your life and badly wanting to get back some control over it. There are few steps that you can take in order to do so.  Take a note of the golden rule that, things have to be done all at once. A small adjustment would make a big impact over time.

The elements in your life that required balance are subdivided into two categories: (1) internal and (2) external factors.

Internal factors pertain to what is going on with your body – this includes your mind, heart, and your health as a whole. On the other hand, external factors include your work, family, and fun. Both ends of the spectrum contribute a positive effect in finding your personal balance.

Listed below are ways by which you can find personal balance.

Acknowledge areas in your life that are being neglected

The first step by which you can regain your personal balance is to take a look at your life, your current state of mind, and the thoughts and feelings you currently feel.  Are you spending enough time with your loved ones? Do you have any activities that you look forward to giving a try? When was the last time you treat yourself to an all-out pampering? Those were just some of the questions that you may ask yourself in reevaluating where to begin within working on your personal balance.

Start setting boundaries

The thing is, your well-being is as important as your manager’s deadline.  A big part of finding balance and setting priorities is learning the art of saying no. Work-life balance means having to learn the skill of saying no. Taking another obligation when you really have no energy for it is somehow draining and may affect your personal balance. It is called assertiveness, this means being honest about your own feelings and needs while respecting others at the same time. Be clear about expectations around work in off-hours.

Prioritize your health

The importance that health is something that is not new to you. Yet, some fail to do it.

Our health affects all areas of our lives. As early as now, be sure that you are going the extra mile in taking care of it. This includes a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle, being always on the go with physical activities, and regular health consultation. You are more efficient in doing something when your health is in a good state.

An alone time could also help

When was the last time that you had a good stroll around nature all by yourself? Take a walk and pay attention to what is happening around you. You might have been glued up to your personal computers for quite some time that you even forget to appreciate the beauty that nature holds or even get to know some current events. Allow yourself to be present at the given point in time for a moment. Have a walk, take yourself on a date – a little pampering sounds like the best plan.  Leave the things that you have been doing in a routine manner. There is more to your life than beating the deadlines every now and then.

Social media break

In such a modern time such as this – staying away from the phone is quite a challenge. But social media nowadays is creating more harm than good. That is why it is advisable that you allow yourself to breathe from all the unnecessary information social media have been bombarding you with. Create boundaries on putting away your phone at a certain time each day or better allocate a phone-free day every once in a while. Instead, spend time with the people that matter to you, find new hobbies, or enroll yourself in some classes. Spend time wisely by investing in things that would bring you good.