Our daily lives are bombarded with varieties of life stressors – may it be coming from your work, at home, or your personal relationships. Sure that everyone goes through stress at some point in their lives and we do have different coping mechanisms when things about this matter are being discussed.

But we’ve got you covered!  There is one proven solution to your concern – meditation. Meditation is believed to be originated in India several thousand years ago. Stress-relieving meditation practices not only clear your mind but also makes your skin glow inside out. It is undeniably without doubt stress has its way of making it visible to your personal appearance and it somehow affects how you deal with others.  But let’s put an end to your concern and let us introduce you to how well meditation could help you handle stress like a pro.

Aside from getting a healthier body and a clearer mind, meditation can also improve your focus on life, such as making a positive decision to make your life better and increasing self-awareness. Regular meditation can increase your patience, tolerance, and handling stress towards stressful situations.

Check on the following meditation techniques that could help you ace handling varieties of life stressors.

Focused Attention – The term itself spoke for what method it portrays, focused attention as a cognitive skill is described as the brain’s ability to concentrate on a target stimulus for a given span of time. This method is considered to be a straightforward technique in meditation. It is the process where breath serves as the primary object to focus attention, anchor the mind, and maintain a certain level of awareness. The moment your mind starts to wander? Breathe. Breathe in, and release. Clear your minds until there are no thoughts.

Body Scan – While we most commonly associate stress with mental and emotional symptoms. Stress can also show off in physical symptoms such as headache, back pain, and even heartburn. Some of you would agree that they’ve experienced these stress-related ailments during their tough times. It can be inferred that our emotional state is related to our physical discomfort and this is where the help of body scan meditation comes in as it allows you to check-in with your bodies. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Notice how your body feels as you do this process. Notice areas of comfort and discomfort. Regular body scan meditation is helpful when you are dealing with stress as it allows you to train your mind to respond more effectively to stress. Allowing you to learn to diminish the power of stress over you.

Nothing –It is one of the techniques that would pretty much help you in training your mind. This meditation technique is named by meditation teacher Shinzen Young. From the term itself, this technique involves “Do Nothing”. The process involves in this technique involves sitting down and do nothing.  Your mind, on the course, may wander and go on all sorts of distractions. That is pretty normal. The goal of this technique is to allow you to notice your feeling when doing something and learn freely to let go of it. Keep relaxing away from the tightening, constriction, or the sense that you are doing anything.

Visualization –  Visualization is a mindful technique as it owns as it allows you to focus on something specific and hold it to your mind. Breathe, on this technique is being replaced by a mental image as the main object of focus. The visualization technique in meditation allows you not only to observe your mind but also focus on any physical sensations.  It has the power to teach and heal – a useful method allowing the mind to influence the body.

Loving Kindness – Also called meditation for compassion. A process where you bring to mind images of different people – people you know and people who you do not know, people you like and people you do not like. The goal is to be able to extend kind thoughts and positive energy to yourself and be able to extend it to others. Having said that, focusing on their happiness allows you to let go of any unhappiness you are feeling.

Skillful Compassion – This technique is very much similar to the loving-kindness technique whereas, this process allows you to give your mind to think of someone you care about already – one that is good to you or perhaps inspires you. This compassion method involves silently repeating certain phrases that express the intention to move from judgment to caring, and from indifference to liking. Opening your hearts and minds to the welfare of other people can foster a feeling of happiness in your own mind.

Resting awareness – During the course of reading some possible meditation techniques, you might have with you your favorite that you’ve been keeping an eye on and you may perhaps look forward to doing already. This one may be one of your favorite. An easy go-to meditation technique. From the term itself, it evokes the idea of simply resting in awareness of life. This allows you to let your mind truly rest without feeling the need to do anything.  For a moment, let go of some of your human doing and allow yourself to be simply a human being.

Reflection – This technique is most probably advisable to those who tend to be anxious at times. Stop dwelling on the past and romanticizing about the future. Be present. This technique allows you mindfully focus on the present. Allowing yourself to develop a mindful brain helps you remain grounded in the present moment. This meditation technique is beneficial as it allows you to be certain of your strengths and priorities as it prompts you to question some of your beliefs. A self-reflection in combating stress is important as it allows you to identify areas where you blossomed or deviated thereby allowing you to focus on your strengths.

Sure stress is mostly part of each one’s day-to-day life. Handling it varies from one person to another. Give yourself some quiet time. Allow your mind and body to be aligned and explore what meditation technique works well with you. Make your well-being your topmost priority especially during such as time as this.