Since people with rosacea have mostly sensitive skin, they must use products that are particularly formulated for them. Using fragrance-free, skin-friendly products that are made of non-irritable ingredients is a must!

Rosacea cannot be cured completely but using the right skincare plays a huge role in managing your rosacea and preventing more flare-ups. So using the wrong skincare products for your skin is something you definitely want to avoid.

Here are some skincare tips for taking care of rosacea prone skin:



Avoid harsh cleansers.

For skin impacted by rosacea, you should wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed to remove oil and dirt that can further irritate the appearance of rosacea. Be sure to use soap-free, gentle cleansers that remove dirt and makeup without stripping away the skin’s moisture.


Maintaining moisture is much needed with rosacea.

Person with rosacea-prone skin must apply moisturizer which can help to maintain a barrier that keeps irritants from coming into contact with the skin.


Facial oil, for some additional soothing.

Your skincare products need also to provide deep hydration. Though facial oils have existed for hundreds of years, facial oils have only recently made it into the mainstream.  Adding facial oil in your skincare routine is the best way to help prevent the burning, stinging, itching and irritation that can occur with rosacea.


Serum, to hydrate the skin more intensely.

Serums work to soothe red skin with calming and moisturizing ingredients. Incorporating serum in your daily skincare routine can get to the root of the problem and soothe your skin for a clear and calm appearance. Hydrating and anti-aging ingredients also help in alleviating rosacea so regular use of these serums helps in restoring the natural color and texture of the skin.


Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Using sunscreen should be part of everyone’s morning skincare routines, but if you have rosacea-prone skin, it’s even more critical. Sun exposure is one of the causes of having a rosacea flare-ups.

And remember,  it’s important to test the formula of your sunscreen first to make sure you won’t experience irritation  or allergies.


Testing a product can help.

Always find time to test your makeup, skin care products or anything that you’ll apply in your face specially if you have rosacea-prone skin.

To test your chosen product, smudge a small amount on your skin but not on the area that is prone in rosacea. If you feel a sting, burning or irritates your skin within 72 hours, discontinue using the product.


Know when to see a Doctor.

Sometimes it’s not enough that you follow our advice here, the one that is reliable to address your rosacea skin is a dermatologist. If you feel you don’t have control over this case, visit your dermatologist for your condition to be evaluated and will help you calm down your rosacea.

Don’t ignore if you are suspecting symptoms of rosacea. We urge you to see a dermatologist for diagnosis and prescription medications to help you find the appropriate medical care before this condition grows.

The main responsibility to look for in your skincare regimen are ones that will improve the overall health of your skin while treating your rosacea symptoms at the same time. If you truly want a rosacea treatment that works, choose skincare products that can provide intense hydration, soothing and calming, skin detoxification, excellent nourishment, healthy cell production, dead cells removal and unclogging pores.




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