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So why do some people have large facial pores while others are unnoticeable? Pores are necessary and part of our skin, and the good news is, we can make them less visible. Are you one of those wondering how to minimize pores?

Here are 7 ways we believe to reduce appearance of facial pores:

1. Washing of your face twice a day is a key!

Having a good face washing habit is basic skincare. It is important to note that skipping cleansing your face at night is big no-no!. Let’s prevent dirt, sweat, buildup of makeup by washing away accumulating oil from the pores. What should we do? Wash your face with lukewarm water and avoid over scrubbing to prevent irritation of your skin. Consider trying gentle cleansers and with kaolin clay, salicylic acid and sulfur ingredients.


2. Reach for anti-aging ingredients to your skincare routine

Anti-aging ingredients in your skincare routine products are essential. Go with the products with Peptides and Retinoids and antioxidants. These ingredients work to prevent things from getting worse. Retinoids, which are vitamin A based products smoothes wrinkles, brighten dark spots, prevent acne and shrink pores. Peptides stimulate collagen production which makes pores plump up and makes it appear to shrink. Antioxidants like Vitamin E, C, Niacinamide, help protect your skin from the failure of elastin and collagen caused by free radicals.


3. Hydrate your skin

In addition to the rule of drinking at least eight glasses of water every day to keep hydrated, using the right skincare products is another key that will benefit your pores. Hydrate your skin with products that have active elements like hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Consider using a serum or moisturizer with these specific ingredients. They can help plump up the skin, minimize wrinkles and pores, and seal moisture which helps to condition your skin effectively.


4. Avoid heavy skincare products

Heavy oils and thick makeup should be avoided as it can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Excess oil stretches out your pores. There are times that it’s unbearable to leave the house without applying makeup (we’re definitely not against it!). If you are looking to minimize and improve the look of pores on your face, we suggest why not consider trying using sheer water-based products that tend to work better to prevent excess oil accumulating in the pores and breaking out.

5. Vitamins and Collagen

Taking your vitamins and collagen can improve the texture and appearance of pores as well as increasing the elastin and collagen levels of the skin. Every skin type can benefit from internal antioxidants and collagen significantly which are abundant natural antioxidants in the skin.


6. Don’t skip your sunscreen

Rain or shine, always wear sunscreen with a good amount of SPF after your skincare routine. The sun’s UVA and UVB rays penetrate through the skin in which collagen breakdown contributes to the way your pores look and function and can lead to skin discoloration and even burns in extreme cases. Sun-damaged skin can be very drying that makes the pores appear larger. Keeping your skin protected from the sun keeps it supple and smooth.


7. Switch or add-in your skincare products slowly

We understand that some of us are excited about using new amazing skincare products all at once. But it’s important to not go overboard to get those pores in check. Oftentimes, out of a desperate need to find a solution, you layer new skincare products on top of old products then switch again.  You should be extra careful with your skin.  When you switch-up products time and again, you’re overexposing your skin to all ingredients within, and not letting it fully absorb into your skin that is why they don’t work effectively. This leads in increasing the likelihood of irritation and dryness, which can trigger extra oil production and make the pores look larger.

Do a patch test first for at least 1-2 weeks to give your skin some time to get used to the product, but if it results in breakouts, it could mean that the product is not for your skin type and is in need of different nutrients.

So there you have it! Our seven pore reducer ways. You have to take care of your skin by following these simple ways in order to actually reduce your pore size.

Most importantly, get on a proper skincare regimen and pay attention to the labels to what ingredients to look for and what to avoid, we are sure you’ll have a happy pores with the results.




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