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At this stage in your life, everything that began to happen in your 30s continues further that’s why it’s important to increase collagen in your skin to avoid ageing skin. In your 40s, breakouts are less of a difficulty. Instead, you would possibly find that your skin is drier than it had been in your 30s.  Your skincare becomes more essential not just to make sure you are feeling great about your appearance, but to make sure your skin stays healthy as well.

Skincare in your 40s needs some fresh new formulas and techniques and it is time to shift focus in boosting collagen and elastin – the protein duo that helps keep your complexion plump. From your mid-twenties, collagen and elastin production slows down and now could be the time to be dedicated to restoring them.

Collagen and elastin still decrease, and your skin is struggling holding onto moisture which makes it dry and sensitive. Yes, this might sound depressing, but don’t worry too much.

Our primary goal here is to age confidently while having healthy and glowing skin that has an even tone, minimal redness, and less fine lines or wrinkles. As long as you’re in a good habit and using the proper skincare products, maintaining your beauty is effortless.

Ready to get a handle on skincare in your 40s?

Here, we share 7 of our anti-aging skincare tips you should add to your regimen now.


1. Food Check 

Foods rich in vitamins and minerals will help not only your body to stay strong, but will also invigorate your skin health. Hence, in caring for our skin and reducing wrinkles, these following foods are great to consume:

  • Blueberries and apples:These fruits have high level of pectin (substance that is present in berries, apples and other fruits), Vitamin E and antioxidants which are great agents for anti-aging.
  • Tomatoes:Because of lycopene and Vitamin C that work as antioxidants, this fruit can improve your skin for a more glowing look and less visibility of wrinkles.
  • Coffee: The caffeine found in coffee is a strong antioxidant which can help in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Nuts: Rich in Vitamin A, C, and E, these major components found in nuts are the ones responsible for a natural glowing skin.
  • Carrots:Known for its beta-carotene component among other vitamins, carrots have been a great contributor in keeping a healthy skin, and of course, clear eye sight.
  • Citrus fruits and potatoes: The antioxidants like Vitamin C can effectively slow down the sign of aging particularly the wrinkles found in our skin.
  • Broccoli and kale:Aside from Vitamins A and C, these leafy vegetables contain Lutein which is responsible for prevention of the skin’s dryness and wrinkles. They are also known for speeding up collagen production.
  • Avocado:The oil found in avocado is rich in sterols and Vitamin E that can promote the production of collagen in the skin.

2. Boost Your Collagen Supplements

As we age, we start losing collagen!  Those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles are the results when our skin loses its tone.  A product that will surely give you help to boost your collagen is applying vitamin c serum to your face.  Aside from complementing our skin with natural ingredients, they also strengthen our skin’s durability and protective agents, enabling us to achieve a better and healthier complexion.

Aside from the consuming the foods mentioned above, taking your collagen supplements regularly provides the needed proteins of your skin. As we get older, our skin’s collagen production decreases, same with our skin’s elasticity. Adding a collagen supplement is a great help in promoting your skin hydration and improving elasticity, giving you a vibrant, healthy skin.

24K Pure Gold DeLuxe Serum is the absolute quality vitamin c serum that guarantees that you’ll get results! It is packed with ingredients that can help noticeable smooth lines and deep-set wrinkles.

Thanks to its powerful antioxidant complex, essential nutrient and gold particles, all working together to firm and brighten the appearance of the skin, while reducing the signs of aging.  Definitely a must have in our beauty bag!


3. Daily Cleansing Routine / Start And End With A Cleanser

You already know what’s the importance of having a regular daily facial cleansing routine by the time you are in your 40s. As you age, bear in mind that your skin will most likely change and lose moisture, so, what worked in your 20s probably isn’t right for you anymore. Your daily cleanser should work and suit your skin. As the skin tends to get dryer in your 40th, you should look for skincare which provide your skin more moisturizer.

24K Pure Gold DeLuxe Cleanser is a great option. It contains glycerin which is a humectant that pulls water from the deepest layers of the skin. It has also Rosa canina oil and Green tea extract to add moisture and to soothe irritated and inflamed skin.

4. Take Care Of Your Decollete And Neck

At every age, exercise is essential but most especially when you reach your 30’s and 40’s. Having time to tone our bodies and strengthen our bones helps in reducing the effects of aging. As we age into our 30s and 40s, our body starts to lose calcium that is stored in our bones.  which can be restored through weight-bearing exercises. Exercising releases positive endorphins as well which can help our minds to feel young.


5. Indulge In A Regular Facial Massage

Truly, some of the best things in life are actually free.  A facial massage is one of them  in order to stay glowing and radiant. An anti-ageing facial massage only takes up 30 seconds of your time using your fingertips gently.  This helps increase the circulation in your face, keeping your skin plump and firm. You’ll notice a more lifted and even skin tone if repeated weekly.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab a facial oil and indulge in a regular facial massage that your skin needs in order to stay glowing and radiant and begin to see great results.

Tip: It is best to do your facial massage in the evening so your product can be absorbed overnight without any additional coverage such as makeup or SPF.

6. Moisturizer Use

One thing in common in almost any skincare routine? Moisturizer.

The reason why this tip is often restated is because moisturizer is a must for individuals  of all ages and skin types—no exceptions. After cleansing, you’ll want to smooth on a moisturizer which is the key to keeping skin looking youthful and radiant.

24K Pure Gold DeLuxe Moisturizer is made with active botanical, plant-based ingredients, essential fatty acids and 24K gold particles used for acne-prone or oily skin and a vitamin C–packed moisturizer to keep all skin types healthy and hydrated.

7. Incorporate A Facial Oil

Your skin goes through a hard time, why not indulge it with a facial oil after applying your moisturizer.

As a teen,it may not be appropriate  when your skin was likely a whole lot oilier than it is today. But there’s  no reason to be afraid. Trust us with this, applying oils in your skincare routine doesn’t mean you’ll have oily skin.

Incorporating facial oil into your face after applying your moisturizer is another way to take your anti-aging routine to the next level. Find a facial oil that helps give your skin a glow and apply four to five drops to your face after applying your moisturizer.

For best results, try 24K Pure Gold DeLuxe Facial Oil. Infused with a blend of superfood seed oils, essential fatty acids and 7 plant botanicals rich in Vitamins A, B, C and E which provides intense moisturization to your skin to reveal invigorated skin that is replenished, refined and absolutely luminous and helps repair skin damage caused by everyday urban elements. It is a lightweight formula that instantly melts into the skin that keeps your skin smooth with a refreshed and healthy glow.

Moreover, if you’re wanting to try our face oil, you can find it in our Shop section along with other products such as 24K Pure Gold DeLuxe Cleanser, 24K Pure Gold DeLuxe Serum, 24K Pure Gold DeLuxe Moisturizer and more that’ll maximize your glow goals. These are great options for your skincare regimen that will work hard for your skin, offering a number of benefits.

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