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One Friday night. One tiring and productive week have just been concluded and hmm the idea of sipping a glass wine to wind down a bit sounds good. After all, its weekend right? Besides, red wine is said to be good in lowering down cholesterol, protecting our heart by keeping our blood vessel flexible plus keeping our memories sharp. If you are one of those people who enjoys winding down with a glass of wine. You might have heard about this notable ingredient found in the skin of grapes. And guess what? We have found out something that might surprise you as well. Ready for the good news? Well then, let us keep on going. Turns out, the main component of your favorite red wine has a lot to offer. Resveratrol a naturally occurring antioxidant that is commonly found in the skin of grapes, peanuts, all kinds of berries and even chocolates. According to a board certified dermatologist, Dr.  Ava Shambam, Resveratrol is a part of group of compounds called polyphenols. These polyphenols functions mainly as antioxidant, Dr. Shambam also resembles them to generals – one of which is in charge in the gathering the troops in order to protect the cell against damage that is most often the times leads to cellular aging. How exciting that sounds to you, Queens? For those who loves sipping a glass of red wine occasionally this may sound good to you. However, you may have to consume nearly hundreds of bottles for your body to derive the health benefits from resveratrol in red wine. Uh-Oh! That doesn’t sound good. Everything that is not in moderation won’t do you any good. Rest easy because there is a much easier way for your body to get the resveratrol content it needs through skin care products.  Above all, skin care products are one of the safest sources for your skin to get its resveratrol. Resveratrol is most commonly found in skin care products such as moisturizer, serums, mask and creams. Have you tried checking in your skin care ingredients? So without further do, let us then explore and reap all the skin benefits of this not so talk of the town skin care ingredient that is just waiting to be discovered and take over the center stage.

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Skin benefits of Resveratrol

Let us try to explore why ingredients such as Resveratrol is being incorporated in our favorite skin care products.

Resveratrol helps slow down skin aging

One of the primary reason why it is being incorporated in your skin care products is because its anti-aging property. According to a board certified dermatologist, Dr. Michel Green, Resveratrol works on a cellular level in aiding the process of aging. On a more complex explanation, board certified Dermatoligist, Dr. Ava Shambam explains that the complex molecules with certain metal ions formed by resveratrol disables the ability to form free radicals which in turn is of big help in improving cellular function alongside with the creation of healthy collagen. Indeed, a nice combination! The primary reason why resveratrol is considered to be a highly effective skin care ingredient in combating the damages from free radicals that is in time would further lead to premature skin aging.

Resveratrol aids our first line of defense

Our skin, being the largest organ of our body serves as our first line of defense to all the harmful microorganisms. Resveratrol being considered an antioxidant (the one that helps protect your cell against free radicals) is said to be helpful in boosting skin’s natural barriers and first line of defense to damage caused by exposure to harmful UV rays and pollutants in the environment.  It not only works against free radicals, it also helps improve the look of the fine lines, hyperpigmentation, texture and skin’s overall radiance. Given the fact that this skin care ingredient is new to the market, emerging research continuously shows that resveratrol is another Holy Grail skin care ingredient for your skin.

Resveratrol calms inflammation

According to a double board certified dermatologist based in Kansas City, Dr. Viseslav Tonkovic Capin, Resveratrol has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties, which calm down the skin, reduces skin-aging and is helpful in keeping the skin free of infections. The antimicrobial properties that resveratrol possesses prevents the growth of acne-causing bacteria. But wait, its benefits doesn’t just end there. It also helps in fighting the post acne scarring stage – resveratrol aids in reducing the redness, calming the skin and lightening the dark spots.

Say hello to an even skin tone

Did you know that resveratrol’s skin-renewing effect is a perfect addition to your night time repair routine? Yes! This is essentially important because it is of great fact that our skin loses its ability to restore itself in our sleep as we age. Post acne scarring treatment that the anti-inflammatory benefits that resveratrol offers helps and gives way to an even clearer complexion. Say bye bye dark spots! Welcome that even skin tone arms wide open, Queens!

Skin benefits of resveratrol is fully maximized when applied topically. Not unless you want to drink tons of red wines in order to reap of its benefits? Uh-oh! The idea doesn’t sound that good. While wine is beneficial, We at Before and After Cosmetics highly suggests that instead of drinking your way to better skin, looking for skin care products that  incorporates the said ingredient and topical application is one of the best way to reap of its benefits in order to effectively boost skin’s health. Share with us your resveratrol stories soon! Skin care ingredients that claims to be effective seems to be quite overwhelming. We love sharing with you relevant information about different skin care ingredients of which some are known and some are just bound to be discovered with continuous research and studies. We do not want any Queens left behind. Be part of our newsletter and get exclusive skin care tips and tricks from us.




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