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Orange, whether it may be for your health or your skin alone, sure that the range of benefits that it carries is undeniable. Contains a potent dose of skin-loving vitamin C which plays a vital role in keeping the skin healthy both as applied topically and included in your day-to-day diet. 

The amazing benefits of essential oil are truly making noise in today’s time. What essential oil, in particular, are you already fond of using?

But have you ever encountered this fruit in a form of essential oil? Essential oils are typically concentrated oils that are derived from plants. Essential oil from the orange plant could be extracted by means of cold pressing, it uses pressure to squeeze oils from the orange rind.

Several studies exploring the beneficial properties that essential oils offer were conducted. To date, several benefits were proven both on your beauty and well-being concerns. 

As a beauty and well-being brand, B&A loves providing you our insights about the latest trend that would much help you in relation to your concerns.  A one-stop-shop as they say.  As such, go further into detail with the 6 Amazing Benefits of Orange Essential Oil you all should probably know by now. 

Did we just say let the hoarding begins

Orange essential oil for your acne concern
Orange in the form of essential oil showed also promising results, experts said that it was due to its limonene content that exhibits antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties that are of big help in dealing with skin concerns such as acne. In fact, this study in the year 2012 was subjected 28 volunteers to try 4 different types of gel with one infused with orange essential oil in addressing acne concerns. Results turned out that gels infused with orange essential oils showcased positive results. 

Orange essential oil in dealing with anxiety
Not only that this essential oil is good for the skin. When diffused in the air, this essential oil could evoke mood positivity and lessen symptoms of anxiety. This study was published in the year 2013  found out that orange essential oil as diffused in the air helps reduced pulse rate and stress hormones. This study used children undergoing the dental procedure as the main subject.


Orange essential oil as a mild sedative
Diffusing essential oil in the air after a long tiring day at work? Why not? Did you know that this essential oil is a much-preferred alternative to some artificial sedatives that is available on the market? The scent alone could alleviate one’s mood. Beneficial home fragrance to treat your body and mind.


Orange essential oil for short term pain
Small studies indicated that the use of this essential oil in both the topical application and aromatherapy helps in dealing with short-term pain; whereas, this study published in the year 2017 as subjected to patients dealing with bone fracture showed that those who have been exposed to diffused orange essential oil into the air experienced less pain as compared to those who weren’t.


Orange essential oil is packed with antioxidant properties
The limonene component is believed to inhibit growth and could lead to cell death in some cultured cancer cell lines as published in this study dated in the year 2012


Orange essential oil and its antimicrobial activity
You can as well rely on this essential oil in combating the growth of some types of bacteria and fungi. This study published in the year 2018 found out that the essential oil itself provided some protection against species of fungi that has the capability or causes food to spoil.


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