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Candle lighting may seem just like an idea to you. To some, it evokes romantic celebration, while to others it may be a whole lot of different things. As time passed by, candles have evolved from just a mere source of light to an additional touch to your living space. More than just home décor, candles illuminate and enhance the ambiance of the atmosphere. Thereby making candle lighting a popular practice to date.

Start building routines and habits that you look forward to doing every now and then.  Along with these routines, we highly encourage you to make pampering a habit! As such, we would very much love to advocate that you give candle lighting/burning a candle a try. This one might not sound new to you then. But what is it exactly and what tons of benefits it could offer?

The smell incorporated into every candle is what makes candle burning a talk of the town these days as it is a great fact that scents are tied up to memories that evoke positive thought. This perhaps explains why certain scent brings a feeling of nostalgia. 

Candles do symbolize plenty of things – may it be a celebration, romance, defining a certain ceremony, or just a mere accent to one’s living space. Sure candle lighting has its ways of changing the ambiance of the setting. But when incorporated with essential oil, how well do you think would you love lighting a candle? 

Check on these benefits that burning candle could bring:

Burning a candle brings a lovely ambiance 

This perhaps explains why candles are most commonly used by massage therapists to create a peaceful ambiance in the therapy rooms. The flicker that the candlelight gives a cozy ambiance making the atmosphere more intimate. A touch of a candle to your living space creates softness thereby making the space more welcoming and warm. 

Burning a candle  helps enhances one’s mood

When experiencing a bit of a rough day while you are on the move or on the course of doing something, grab some scented candles and give particular scents a try such as the aroma of jasmine, roses, and lavender try as these scents are believed to affect one’s emotion and mood. 

Burning a can help improve one’s quality of sleep 

Sleep is vital to one’s health and productivity. Fill thy room with the scent of aromatic candles as apart from making the room smell a bit nicer it is also believed that the scent it diffuses can relax one’s mind. Looking for a sleep companion? Give a candle infused with lavender essential oil a try. The benefits that it has in aiding one’s sleeping concerns have been proven by the experts 

Check: 5 Benefits of Lavender Essential oil for your mind, body, and overall well-being

Burning a candle can also help you cope with stress

Stress and fatigue are normal things we got to experience every now and then, may it be work or personal life. As such,  in your quest to give yourself more self-love this year, lighting a candle as you do your meditation would be of pretty much big help as you deal and cope with stress. Allow your mind to relax freely with the scent it diffuses. In coping with stress, lemon-scented candles may be your go-to buddy. 

Burning a  candle can improve one’s focus 

Fascinating isn’t it? Lighting scented candles can help you relax, feel calm, energized, and help your brain get into a more productive mindset. In addition to this, candles, according to the experts evokes a positive effect on one’s mental health and could be a great addition to your self-care routines such as journaling, yoga, or meditation. 

Burning a candle adds a touch to your celebrations 

May it is for your well-being or just a mere addition to your space candle has a way of making the ambiance more special. On special occasions, adding a touch of candles sure won’t disappoint. Candles would make a good gift to your special someone. Our naturally formulated scented candles are available in a variety of scents. Indulge your senses with the finest ingredients with B&A beauty brand sets of scented candles. Experience how we transform your home into an oasis and make your celebrations more meaningful.


Candle lightingB&A WELLBEING CANDL




Overall, more than just an aesthetic addition to your living spaces. Burning scented candles induce benefits to one’s health. A healthy lifestyle includes making sure that mental health is in good shape. Candle lighting induces the perfect atmosphere that promotes relaxation that calms one’s state of mind. 

Have you chosen your B&A candle already? 

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