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The fact is, your skin may change with age. But keep in mind that you can do so much helping your skin combat skin aging. Environmental factors such as UV rays and your own personal habits affects aging of your skin. Last time, we share about 10 super foods that could help you achieve that healthy go-oh-lowing skin. We love providing you relevant tips in tricks for your skin in as much as we love proving you the best, luxurious skin care products. If you’re on your 20’s and 30’s – gotcha! It is your prime time to prevent the signs of skin aging. If you’re on your 40’s and 50’s – well! What a best time to recalibrate some of your habits. Never too late. Let us quote a very good reminder from a dermatologist named, Heidi Waldorf, whereas she says that “What you do for your skin or against your skin will have ramifications as you age” Do we even have to say louder? To let this sink in? Together, we are breaking down helpful tips in combating signs of skin aging – this includes a bit of lifestyle changes. Be sure to be committed on these. Okay?


1. Limit exposure to the sun + wear your sunscreen

This is the most emphasized reason for skin damage – sun exposure. Rain or shine no matter what season you’re in. Wearing a sunscreen should be as important as brushing your teeth. From the recommendation made by the American Academy of Dermatology, it is important to wear sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30 and says broad spectrum on its label. Yes! Check your label! Don’t forget to reapply based on what is instructed on the label. Seriously, it’s about time you get serious about sunscreen.


2. Avoid Tanning 

We are indeed sorry to tell you about this stuff but, truth to be told!  This is one of the biggest skin mistakes a lot of younger woman indulged in. Too much sun can cause skin discoloration and damage to elastin and collagen – OMG that’s worst! We are pretty sure you long for that tanned look skin – chin up and don’t be frustrated because gorgeous glow without sun damage is made easier than ever with the continuous research and product development. Chin up because sunless tanners got you. They come in sprays, gels, creams and lotions. But be sure to seek professional advice before indulging your skin to this. Tanned skin while indoors? That sounds pretty good.


3. Stay hydrated 

Up to 60% of human body is composed of water. Having said that, we are literally like watermelons – mostly composed of water. Drinking water is vital and is essential for good health. Your body needs water for almost every function it does. Drinking plenty of water aids in flushing toxins, aiding with digestion, regulating body temperature and keeping your skin healthy and hydrated from the inside. From a study entitled Dietary water affects human skin hydration and biomechanics published last 2015 at US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health that was conducted on a group of healthy woman, it was then found out that higher water intake can have an effect on the hydration of the skin. Drink your way to healthy glowing skin!


4. Quit Smoking 

Seriously? With all these health warnings and bad effects of smoking as posted on different media platforms? Some of you still smoke? Quit as early as now or you’ll pay for the price of it sooner or later. Want to know the bad effects of it on your skin? Well this may pretty hurt but here’s the truth! Smoking speeds up breakdowns of collagen and constricts blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrient to your skin. Smokers are more prone to wrinkle early. And how about the thought of yellowish fingertips and nails? That doesn’t pretty well look cool. Consider wrinkles as last bit of motivation for you to quit. Smoking is bad not just for your skin but for every part of your body.


5. Go easy on the booze 

A Friday night out friends – having a sip of your favorite glass of wine or alcohol is fine, so long as you take it in moderation. Too much alcohol dehydrates your skin and dilates your blood vessels. Drinking too much alcohol could lead to broken blood vessels making your skin prone to rosacea. That is pretty much worse than waking up to a heavy head caused by hangover the following day right?


6. Sleep on your back 

Who would have thought that sleeping position affects premature skin aging? Yes! There’s even a study that supported this theory. From a study entitled Sleep wrinkles: Facial aging and facial distortion during sleep published last 2016 by Oxford Academic, it was concluded that sleeping on your back may lessen the formation of wrinkles and those who sleep on their side or stomach are prone to mechanical compression forces, which can speed up the formation of wrinkles and may also distort the facial skin. Guess this is be a very big adjustment to those who loves to sleep with different sleeping positions and curl around the bed. – Are you guilty? Raise our hands together because the feeling is mutual. To add up to this, silk pillowcase is considered to be kinder to your skin rather than cotton, – silk create less friction and help prevent abrasion of the skin. Bye bye! Shopping pillowcase essentials today.


7. Load up on Vitamin C 

Vitamin C the top tier skin care ingredient – with all the skin benefits we can get from it. It certainly can’t hurt to add more of these foods to your plate. You are what you eat saying never gets old on this matter.  Citrus foods that is considered to be high in anti-inflammatory or antioxidant properties helps skin improves elasticity and protect against skin damage and premature skin aging. Indeed your dietary habits affects the condition of your skin.


8. Fill up on fermented foods

In today’s time where every one of is forced to stay indoors that pushed us to rediscover new hobbies – bet some of you enjoyed indulging yourselves in your favorite kdrama. Yes you will pretty much agree that you love seeing them eat their staple food – kimchi. This fermented food rich in probiotic is good for your gut but it also turns out that they are also good in combating premature skin care aging. No wonder why Korean skins looks like that. Does it all make sense to you now? According to a certified Dermatologist, Craig Kraffert, Fermented foods have excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Dermatologist also agreed that beauty products made with fermented ingredients may also make a difference because this provides skin calming and brightening.

The good news is that we got you on this matter. Did you know that Before and After Cosmetic products are made up of naturally fermented ingredients? Yes! You get all these from our products – 24K gold particles plus fermented cosmetics. Normally, your skin cannot easily absorb the actives of natural ingredients. But all thanks to the process of fermentation, where it helps microorganisms break down the molecules into smaller sizes, so your skin can easily absorb the skin benefitting ingredients. Because at the end of the day, that’s what we, at B&A Cosmetics wants you to have is – best of the best ingredients. We love to recommend with you our best-selling moisturizing cream. Of course, we are with you in combatting your dilemma with skin aging.

A moisturizer asks like a drink of water for your face. This is especially important as you get older and your skin becomes drier making it more vulnerable and prone to wrinkles. Indulge yourself with our 24K Pure Gold Deluxe Moisturizer infused with 24 Karat gold that delivers ProVitamin A, corrective Vitamin E and fermented ingredients to restore radiance and support a healthier skin complexion.  Safe for normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, blemish skin and of course, anti-aging. Hurry! Grab your skin care essentials today. Together, Let us combat premature skin aging.

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