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Understanding your skin type means knowing that it is extremely essential for your skincare to keep it looking and feeling at its best. Beauty starts with a healthy skin – and this is what we strongly believe. And fortunately, we can help you figure out what’s your skin type. Let’s get started so that you’re all set to give it some luxurious self-care.


Dry Skin

Lack of moisturization or oil in the skin is the common cause of dry skin. Dry skin tends to look ashy or whitish, dull, flaky, or scaly. Without moisturizer, you may feel tightness or itchiness on your skin. Wrinkles and fine lines develop early in this skin type due to lack of elasticity.


How to treat dry skin:

Keep your skin hydrated and improve its appearance by letting go of any drying ingredients sneaking in your skincare products. Glycerin, Shea Butter, Allantoin, and Vitamin E are some of the ingredients to look for which can help your skin to be gently moisturized and nourished which dry skin loves. You can incorporate oils and richer, more intense into your skincare routine to enhance, help heal and regenerate dry skin.

We highly recommend you 24K PURE GOLD DELUXE MOISTURIZER that is packed with active botanical ingredients to nourish the skin while visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness. It is also rich in 24k liquid gold and omega fatty acids that ensure glowing and radiant skin.


Oily Skin

Excess oil secretion in the skin is the cause of oily skin which leads to pores clogging.  Large pores, breakouts and acne are the results . The middle of the forehead, down the nose to the chin (the T-zone) appears to be a shiny and sweaty-like look.

How to treat oily skin: Be mindful of heavy moisturizers and super rich oils. Rather go for lighter moisturizers. How about giving a try to oil-based cleansers?  Because oil attracts oil, applying cleansing oil lifts away excess oils without stripping your skin but to just nourish and keep skin feeling moisturized. Look for non-comedogenic cleansers as it won’t block your pores.Apply once in a week enzyme peels to remove dead skin and refine pores. Follow the instructions carefully.

For situations like this, 24K PURE GOLD DELUXE CLEANSER is a must-have for you. Not only it has active ingredients such as Rosa canina oil and gold particles that are responsible for revitalizing the youthful appearance of your skin, it is also formulated with green tea extract that can leave your skin feeling fresh, bright and energized.


Normal Skin

You have normal skin when you produce just the right amount of sebum depending on hormones or the season. Congratulations, you have completely normal and balanced skin as you can handle neither dry or oily products. With few discolorations and blemish free skin, you have the right hydration which keeps your skin supple.


How to treat normal skin:

No need to go all out with a skincare regimen. Aside from cleansing, toning and moisturizing, you should make it a point to exfoliate regularly to maintain your skin’s natural barrier to stay healthy, hydrated and follow a basic skincare routine.

With our glam team consisting of cleanser, moisturizer,  facial oil, and serum, you skincare regimen will be a sure fire to bring out the best in you. You deserve to standout and sparkle from all the rest. After all, the best investment is yourself and your skin.


Combination Skin

Having a combination skin, you have a mixture of oily skin and dry skin types. Oil across your T-zone area while cheeks and jaw area are dry.


How to treat combination skin:

This type of skin is the mixture of both worlds – dry and oily skin. Use  mild cleanser specifically the one that is oil-free, wear sunscreen, exfoliate gently on the oilier zones and use separate moisturizing products to your dry areas. Only apply products to the areas that need to be treated, rather than treating your full face.

With the our products on Before and After Cosmetics, you don’t have to carefully apply different products on certain part of your face just to treat both your oily and dry skin. We boast the gold particles as the active ingredient in all of our products. It is responsible for stimulating the skin cells. Therefore, ensures the healthy, glowing and radiant skin.


Sensitive Skin

Your skin type may be sensitive when it shows up redness, itchiness, burning, dryness as a possible reaction to a particular skincare product, new products that you have just tried, or an irritant.  It could help if you find out what your triggers are so you know how to avoid them.

How to treat sensitive skin: When dealing with sensitive skin, try to use less active ingredients and avoid applying too many products with potent ingredients at the same time as you do not want to overwhelm your delicate skin with too many products and introduce with too many ingredients. Choose skin care products that best fit your skin type.

Indeed, too much products can bring more harm than goodness to your skin. Hence, we make sure that we only use ingredients that are specifically for the glowing benefits of your skin. All of our skincare essentials are packed with Argan oil which is responsible to moisturize, treat acne, soothe dry skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Through this, you can make sure that every apply on your skin will result to a gentle makeover. You’d feel more rejuvenated as you see your glowing skin from day one of using our glam team.

For all skin types, give your skin some extra care with Before and After Cosmetics products. Deeper moisturization is all they need to keep your skin smooth and soft.

Everybody’s skin is unique and needs care. Your skin might not fit perfectly into one type, or on the other hand it does. Regardless of your skin type, taking care of your skin is important. Look for products that work for you and will surely give the nourishment that your skin needs. It is indeed a little trial and error. Be confident in your skin, use the right products and let us help you enhance that natural beauty of you!

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