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Overproduction of sebum from sebaceous glands results into oily skin. An oily substance that is made of fats which helps protect and moisturize your skin and keep your hair shiny and healthy is called sebum.

Oily skin is the result of too much sebum which can lead to clogged pores and acne growth. Genetics, hormone changes, or even stress may also increase sebum production.

In spite of these tendencies, oily skin can be clear and glowing when taken care of properly. You can do a few things to keep those oils under control without over drying your skin. Let’s get started with these 7 ways!


1. Check the labels on your skincare products

One useful guideline is to check the keywords like ‘non-comedogenic,’ ‘non-acnegenic,’ ‘doesn’t clog pores,’ or ‘won’t cause breakouts, are certain terms to look for in skincare products to help us tame the oil production.

Active ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, niacinamide, zinc, retinoids, and sulfur help the oil gland function more normally. Serums, gels, lotions, or powders, are lighter formulations that are likely to be better tolerated.


2. Keep a pack of blotting papers handy

Oily skin – the one group that can benefit most using blotting papers. When you need to remove excess oil on the go, since your skin tends to get greasy quicker than others, oil blotting sheets make for a convenient fix. It will be your best friend to help to absorb excess oil without messing your makeup throughout the day.


3. Mist your way to cool skin

Excess sebum production can be triggered by hot and humid climates. Sweat and oil production on the skin can be minimized by avoiding overheating during the spring and summer seasons. Water sprays are also on the shelf that can be misted onto your face to cool you off without increasing oil or greasiness of your skin.


4. Avoid touching your face

Touching your face is very tempting especially when in deep thought or stressed out. When you have oily skin, the last thing you want to do is to spread the dirt, oil, and bacteria from your hands to your face. Touching your face repetitively can further clog your pores and result in acne. With clean hands, only touch your face when you’re cleansing, moisturizing or applying sunscreen or makeup.


5. Cut intake on sugar and refined carbs

Eating sugary foods and refined carbs like white bread, sweet drinks, and junk foods not only spike your blood glucose levels but can also cause many other types of health problems but also bad for your skin! Eating a diet which contains a lot of sugar can boost oil production and acne severity also inflammation in the body, which harms the skin and makes it oily. You will break out more and your skin would look dull and tired. It is very important that apart from being careful about what you apply on your skin, you also need to be careful and cut-off sugar in your diet to have healthy skin.


6. Check your stress levels

When a person becomes stressed, the stress hormone (cortisol) level of our bodies rises. It tends to produce more cortisol and triggers excess oil production which can lead to oily skin, acne growth, wrinkles, weakens the skin’s immune system, and other related skin problems like  eczema, rosacea and psoriasis.

Do your best to try managing your stress throughout the day. Try to manage your stress levels using relaxation techniques or activities to have stress-busting practices. Having a good sleep routine, relaxation techniques such as going for a long walk, reading, talking with a friend, yoga, deep breathing, workouts and just engaging into downtime rituals such as Netflix and actually chilling.

Your coping strategies for managing stress that work for you that will help you to feel calm and rested is important and your skin will thank you.

7. Sleeping in your makeup is a no-no!

And yes, it happened.. You slept in your makeup. Sleeping in your makeup can lead to quite a few skin care concerns. It traps dirt, oil, and even bacteria underneath your skin and promotes irritation that is why it is a major don’t for those who have oily skin.

When your skin is not fully cleansed, it can’t be able to adjust to its renewal process overnight to maintain healthy hydration levels of your skin. Your skin won’t be able to function properly when a heavy makeup layer is sitting on top all night long.

Let your skin breathe, don’t put any more makeup on for at least 12 hours. But you can pick a medicated formula if you must. If you are oily or have acne-prone skin. Makeup, especially liquid foundations are not meant for those who have oily skin and acne-prone skin as it may cause breakouts. Powder or mineral foundations are good for you, or if you want a liquid one, there are some that contain acne-preventing salicylic acid and are formulated for acne.

Do you know that people with oily skin have got natural sun protection within them? Yes, you heard it right! Sebum has Vitamin E which is produced from oily skin and has natural sunscreen in itself. And other benefits is that just don’t like any other skin type, oily skin people tend to age slower. Because of the hydration by itself so fine lines and wrinkles appear in your later ages. So after what you’ve read, are you now a bit in love with your skin type?

There you have it, the causes of oily skin you’d ever need to know and all the possible solutions to manage oily skin. The 7 ways above is designed to help you understand your oily skin and to keep it under control.  There’s always more things you can do.  Lovin’ that idea, right?  Remember that your oil glands are caused by hormones which also includes stress hormones. Getting enough sleep, practicing self-care, and choosing the right skincare products for your skin type are some of the many ways to manage oily skin.

If you have oily skin then using products from Before and After Cosmetics can be great! We understand the needs of your skin. Natural products are created using high-quality mineral gold particles that protect your skin against daily environmental pollution as well as the blue light from your devices. Everything we sell is uniquely created with the genuine desire to make you look and feel better, happier and more youthful.




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