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The world pandemic truly has opened the way we do our day-to-day tasks to a whole new level. Who would have thought that in a blink of an eye your day-to-day errands are now most commonly done virtually? As much as you get so accustomed to your work from home set up, little did you know that your prolonged exposure to the artificial lights has a direct impact on your skin. In recent years, Science has explored the negative effect that High Energy Visible light (HEV) has on the human skin. While the ordinary UV-blocking sunscreen ingredient does not do all the wonders in dealing with this matter, there is one ingredient that is believed to ace the job. Meet Winter Cherry, this might be the first time you came across this skincare ingredient but believe us when we say that this potent botanical has long been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years already. 

To all the beauty enthusiasts out there, this perhaps is the best era for you to get to know more and address the importance of photoprotection. Winter Cherry is a herbal extract that primarily works by helping the skin from the negative effects of screen-emitted visible light. 

Apart from the above-mentioned benefit that this skincare ingredient has, get to know more about the skin-loving benefits that winter cherries have to offer and why it is taking a spot in today’s beauty industry. 


Winter Cherry is packed with antioxidants 

Winter cherry is a potent antioxidant that potentially helps the skin combat early signs of skin aging. It also has the capability to calm skin inflammation. This study further explored the antioxidant properties of winter cherry. Your day-to-day exposure to harmful environmental aggressors would, in fact, require to invest in addressing them. Good thing winter cherry got you covered on this matter. 


Winter Cherry to lighten the skin 

Apart from addressing signs of skin aging, protecting the skin from the negative effects of artificial light, and harmful environmental aggressors, winter cherry is also packed with the skin loving vitamin called, vitamin C. Pretty sure you are all familiar with it, vitamin C content of winterberry could do so much in brightening the skin complexion. This study further explored the skin whitening potential of winter cherries. 


Winter cherry in keeping the skin moisturized 

Experts believe that winter cherries are naturally hydrating. It has protective and balancing properties that helps maintain the skin retain its barrier function thereby revealing a skin that is plump, and well moisturized. If you are dealing with extra dry skin, chances are, winter cherry might be the one for you! 


The sky is indeed the limit when the matters about skincare ingredients that work are put on the line. As a beauty enthusiast, being part of your duty perhaps is to be vigilant with the skincare ingredients that you put into your skin. In today’s time where information is all ready-made accessible, make it a habit to make yourself accountable for what you use. 


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