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We will be sharing with you a secret. But this time, we are expecting you to share the good news with everyone. Have you taken some time to take a look at your favorite beauty bottles? Chances are, you’ve noticed that Vitamin E is always on the list. When applied topically, vitamin E help nourish and protect the skin from the damage that free radicals may cause – a powerful antioxidant that your skin would pretty sure need.  But what if we’ll tell you that there is a skincare ingredient that contains the highest vitamin E in the market? In fact, it contains 150% more vitamin E as compared to other beauty products in the market. Truly, a skin friend!  Another age-defying skincare ingredient you all should watch out for! Meet Prickly Pear Oil, extracted from the seeds of prickly pear that belong to the family of cactus native to Mexico and other parts of South America. The oil itself contains the highest percentage of unsaturated fatty acids that potentially help in the stimulation of healthy skin cell regeneration thereby making it a skin-friendly skin care ingredient you all should look out for as early as now! Various studies have been conducted exploring the efficacy of prickly pear oil for the overall skin’s health. Listed below are some of the findings in relation to incorporating this oil as a carrier oil to your favorite essential oils and how well your skin would love it.  

Prickly pear oil improves skin hydration 

No need to worry about dealing with extra dry skin especially in such weather that we are currently experiencing. Unsaturated fatty acids play a vital role in keeping one’s skin plump and glowing. And the good news? Prickly pear oil comprises 88% of non-saturated fatty acids. It has the omega-6 essential fatty acid, called linoleic acid that accounts for 60.5% of the total that potentially helps strengthen the skin’s barrier thereby allowing it to hold moisture. 


Prickly pear oil is packed with antioxidants and antibacterial properties 

The plant polyphenol content of prickly pear boasts anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and DNA repair activities that potentially help inhibit a variety of skin disorders that may be caused by exposure to harmful UV rays. In fact, this study concluded that prickly pear oil’s high levels of antioxidants and antibacterial properties potentially help not only in preventing skin damage but also does aid with your acne and breakout concerns. 


Younger looking skin with the help of prickly pear oil 

This age-defying carrier oil should be on top of your list as early as now if you are very much particular in combating signs of skin aging. As mentioned, this wonder oil contains 150% more vitamin E as compared to other beauty products in the market. This only implies that it holds a greater amount of antioxidant properties that vitamin E possesses and acts as a free radical scavenger that inhibits damage caused by free radicals, promotes cell regeneration, and improves skin texture, thereby revealing younger-looking skin. 


Prickly pear oil for overall skin health 

It is not only the vitamin E content of this oil that you all should watch out for. Prickly pear essential oil is also packed with skin-loving vitamin such as vitamin K that helps brighten dark spots. Pricky pear oil is good as well for the dark under-eye areas. Not only does vitamin K works in skin brightening, but it is also as well known to add skin look supple full-looking skin. It holds an array of skin benefits such as cell growth and stimulation, preserving the skin’s elasticity thereby revealing healthier skin. 


Prickly pear oil for other beauty concerns 

Giving you a bonus Queens! You all would love this do-it-all oil as it turns out that this oil is also good for your hair and nails. This oil would make a good choice if you are dealing with dry and dull hair. You can use it as a hair treatment by massaging a drop of oil to your scalp every night.  For some reason, our nails tend to be more prone to breakage, however, this superb oil, when applied regularly to nail cuticles works well to strengthen the nails. 


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