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Glow with neroli oil. 

When you look for skin benefitting ingredients that helps that would help your skin glow and healthy, sure that vitamin C is just one of the many skin-loving ingredients that would first come to your mind . Its efficacy in the beauty and skincare industry has been proven and tested. As such, when asked for vitamin C-rich oils available in the market, would neroli oil come to your mind? Hmm, does that nod on your forehead imply that this might be the first one that you’ve to head this oil? 

Well then, let us get you all set up to get to know more about what skin-loving benefits you can reap off from this wonder oil. 

Neroli oil is an essential oil that is primarily extracted from the flowers of bitter orange trees in the fruitful climate of Mediterranean or Africa also known as orange blossom oil. The oil itself could be obtained by means of steam distillation. 

It emits a rich, floral scent and is most commonly incorporated in perfume and other scented products. It also does offer a soothing effect on one’s mood thus making it commonly incorporated in body lotions. Its skin benefitting properties have long been known since ancient times. In fact, the Italian aristocrats were fond of using it in the 17th century whereas, the Duchess of Bracciano loved to infuse the scent of the said oil into her gloves and incorporate a few drops of it into her bath thus, paving the way to her being hailed as “Princess Nerola” Indeed an oil for a royalty. 

It seems that it is not just its irresistible orange blossom scent that you can reap off from this oil, neroli oil is also believed to be ultra-hydrating oil useful in aiding the stimulation of skin cells to regenerate. Revealing that skin glow!  In today’s time, various studies have been conducted in relation to learning more about the benefits that this oil offers. As such, giving you 5 reasons why neroli oil should take a spot in your usual beauty routine.

Neroli oil is packed with antioxidants to combat skin aging 

As published in this study dated 2012 Neroli oil is found to be packed with antioxidant properties making it your go-to ingredient in keeping your skin from the visible signs of skin aging. When applied topically, Neroli oil intensely moisturizes, boosting the skin’s cell regeneration process thereby revealing younger-looking skin. 


 A friendly oil for acne concern 

Not only does this oil offer antioxidant properties. In the study published by the Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, it was found out that the said oil exhibits antibacterial activity against varieties of bacteria. Thereby, making it a prime ingredient to combat acne breakouts and balance the skin’s sebum production. Attain that glow without having to worry about unnecessary breakouts! 


Neroli oil helps rejuvenates the skin 

Neroli oil’s ability to regenerate skin cells and improve the skin’s elasticity are just some of the additions why you should add it up to your daily skincare regimen. This essential oil also sets the right balance for your skin thus making it suitable for whatever skin type you may have. Worried about having to experience irritation? Worry no more as Neroli oil is a skin-friendly oil. 


Neroli oil helps repair the skin 

Neroli oil exhibits overall healing and calming properties making it your go-to oil in dealing with stretch marks, scars, or even wrinkles due to its ability to revive the skin at the cellular level. Skin conditions that are most commonly caused by stress respond well with treatment with the use of neroli oil dues to its calming abilities. Let your skin brightness come! 


Neroli oil for inflammation 

 Neroli oil is also packed with anti-inflammatory properties  thus making it beneficial in treating inflamed skin. Not only does it target inflammation it also does work well if you are dealing with sensitive skin and having some irritations. 


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