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The idea of aromatherapy scented candles today? because why not? Friday already? Hooray! As another work week has just been concluded. Hmmm the idea of treating yourself to a spa for a whole-body massage and a bit of pampering over the weekend sounds like the best plan. After all, you deserve it!  The moment you step into a wellness spa brings in a comforting feeling – the scent itself evokes a calming and relaxing feel plus adds up the very good choice of music that makes you want to nap while indulging yourself in a body massage. But things may be a bit different now as the current surge of COVID 19 demanded fast reorganization, as well as the ability to adapt and administer new working protocols. In a blink of an eye, we all have to conduct meetings and get our work done virtually – with our hair undone and still on our PJs. Yes, welcome to our new normal. The thing about all these COVID restrictions enhanced and changed our self-care routine. Raise your eyebrows if you are with us on this matter, Queens!  Beauty customers indeed change their buying habits amid quarantine limitations in order to mimic the salon and spa experience at home.

Make the most out of your stay at home – build routines and habits that you look forward to doing every now and then.  Along with these routines, we highly encourage you to make pampering a habit! As such, we would very much love to advocate that you give aromatherapy a try. This one might not sound new to you then. But what is it exactly and what tons of benefit it could offer?

Aromatherapy is a healing treatment that makes use of plant extracts to promote one’s health and well-being. It uses aromatic essential oils as a means to improve one’s health, body, mind, and spirit. This process has long been used for thousands of years that originated from the ancient culture of China, India, and Egypt.  Along with it, one of the most common of doing so is by means of scented candles also known as aromatherapy candles. If you haven’t given the aromatherapy candle a chance, we are giving you more reasons to give in to this kind of therapeutic trend that your mind, body, and soul would probably thank you. This study published in the year 2013 cited that aromatherapy helps reduce anxiety, increase sleep, and stabilize blood pressure of those patients  undergoing cardiac stent insertion who have been subjected to the study.

An aromatherapy candle helps enhances one’s mood

Remember that a good mood does not necessarily imply a bad day. As such, when experiencing a bit of a rough day while you are on the move or on the course of doing something, grab some scented candles and give particular scents a try such as the aroma of jasmine, roses, and lavender try as these scents are believed to affect one’s emotion and mood. 

An aromatherapy candle can help improve one’s quality of sleep 

Sleep is vital in one’s health and productivity. No one would want to go to their office with their headbanging and clamors for a cup of coffee just to stay awake and alert all throughout. Fill thy room with the scent of aromatic candles as apart from making the room smell a bit nicer it is also believed that the scent it diffuses can relax one’s mind. 

An aromatherapy candle can also help you cope with stress

Stress and fatigue have long been experienced by many, may it be work or personal life related and we must admit that the current surge of global pandemic adds up to it. As such,  in your quest to give yourself more self-love this year, we’d very much love to be with you on all that you are going through. Lighting up an aromatherapy candle as you do your meditation would be of pretty much big help as you deal and cope with stress. Allow your mind to relax freely with the scent it diffuses. In coping with stress, lemon-scented candles may be your go-to buddy. 

An aromatherapy candle can improve one’s focus 

Currently, studying and in dire need of focus? Or have tons of things to accomplish at work? Good thing, aromatherapy got you covered on that matter as the scented candles can help you relax, feel calm, energized, and help your brain get into a more productive mindset.

If you are in search of the best essential oils or scents for your aromatherapy session at home, check out this: 7 Essential oils that can improve your mental health 
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Get the latest beauty tips,news,product notification and exclusive promotions in your box!

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