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Screen time is defined as the amount of time spent using certain devices such as smartphones, computers, laptops, and mobile video games.

As technology continues to advance, excessive screen time has become a major concern for many, especially during the wave of global lockdowns where strict stay-at-home rules were implemented, further increasing screen time exposure.

Are you, by any chance, one of those people who clamor to check their phones every time you wake up? Or those people who seem to be much more connected to their mobile devices than the people around them? If yes, this must be a gentle reminder for you that there is so much more than scrolling. Look up at your surroundings. When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with your loved ones? or when was the last time you had a meaningful bond with others without devices?

As a young professional, set a screen time limit, your day should not revolve around a digital world. Your world should not revolve around the four corners of your workspace.

If you are a parent to a child, setting a good example is a must, especially during these times when kids spend more of their days with mobile gadgets. As a parent, this has to be taken seriously.

With that n mind, here are some activities to consider at home to at least decrease the screen time of the entire household.


Arts and Crafts

How lovely is it watching someone over the internet do something their passionate about? (e.g, arts) What if, instead of watching them, start doing it yourself? Engaging in art activities such as drawing, painting, or even sculpting can be a creative outlet that does not require screens. Use arts as your way of expressing yourself and what you feel.


Unleash the chef in you!

Keep your hands busy without scrolling. Unleash the chef in you by trying new recipes, baking for your loved ones, or even trying that recipe you have been craving for so long. Cooking and baking can be fun and engaging activity that takes your focus away from screens.

If you want to give it a try but would want to stay in shape, check the following recipes.


Get that yoga mat and get started

Scrolling won’t burn your calories. Engage in physical activities such as aerobics, exercise, or any other physical activity that can cause you to sweat. Find the workout that you enjoy doing. Working out does not have to be a burden for you. Make it fun, make it cool. Encourage your household to do it with you. Make it family time. Less screen time, more laughter, and a happy fambam.


Find your space at home. Your safe haven

Mediate to wipe away your daily stress. Meditation helps you improve focus in life such as making a positive decision that increases your selfawareness. Regular meditation can increase your patience, tolerance, and better stress handling.To accompany you in your quiet moments, B&A’s Harmony with Nature Collection of Reed Diffusers and Scented Candles will be a good companion for you. The amazing combination of beneficial essential oils is known to promote feelings of peace and tranquility.Shop your essentials here.


Find your personal balance

The digital world may somehow disrupt the way you see yourself. It may have created chaos in your mind, or even build up some insecurities. A break from social media never hurts. Find your personal balance by starting with prioritizing your health, and be sure that you are going the extra mile in taking care of it. This includes a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle, being always on the go with physical activities, and regular health consultations. You are more efficient in doing something when your health is in a good state.


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