Who would even deny that they love to eat rice? But our worries about gaining weight stop us from indulging ourselves in eating more of it. Oh! If you are very much particular in prioritizing health and wellness you pretty much have tried eating brown rice. Everyone has been talking about this unpolished rice lately, when you went out to shop for your essentials, groceries and supermarkets already have this variety of rice on display. This primarily implies that more and more are getting health conscious. You are on the right track, Queen! Prioritize health and wellness and everything else will follow.

Brown rice contains higher amounts of vitamins such as Vitamin B1, B2 B3 E, and K, minerals such as iron, selenium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, zinc manganese, and magnesium. It also provides your body with fiber and proteins compared to white rice. Diet rich in whole grains such as brown rice is said to be beneficial to health as it may lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancer. You are what you eat, which actually holds true in different areas of your wellness. But apart from all the benefits, it could bring to your health, did you know that consuming brown rice is actually said to be beneficial not just to your health but also to your skin? Still not convinced? Well then, together, let us reap off all the skin benefitting properties that consuming brown rice could actually provide.

Brown rice for flawless looking skin

Fiber and minerals brown rice contains to have the potential to make your skin blemish-free. Selenium, a mineral found in brown rice, is a mineral that actually helps certain antioxidants protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays – the most common culprit in all your common skin concerns. On the other hand, exfoliation plays a great role in achieving fairly glowing skin as it sloughs off dead skin cells.  The protein content of brown rice works as a powerful exfoliant as it promotes cell growth and stimulates blood flow in your skin – revealing that vibrant bright appearance.

Brown rice prevents free radical harm

Having said that brown actually contains antioxidants, when consumed your body does benefit from it by preventing the body from the damages caused by the free radicals. Brown rice on the other hand, contains superoxide dismutase, an essential enzyme that is found in all living cells that speeds up certain chemical reactions in the body. It works by breaking down potentially harmful oxygen molecules in cells.

Brown rice for younger-looking skin

For better blood pressure control, brown rice consumption is indeed advisable. It is way better than white rice because it is a significantly better source of minerals like potassium and magnesium. A high potassium diet helps reduce blood pressure and water retention. On the other note, fluctuating blood sugar levels can actually cause stress – a leading cause of skin aging. Proteins present in brown rice can repair damaged skin and protect it from signs of skin aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Brown rice in enhancing your skin’s elasticity 

As mentioned, Selenium, a mineral found in brown rice is a mineral that actually helps certain antioxidants protect your skin from the environmental aggressor. Studies found out that it has the potential to maintain the elasticity of the skin and can further reduce skin inflammation.  Would you even believe that aside from consuming it, you can also reap off its skin benefitting properties by topical application? Yup! You can actually make a face pack from brown rice. Mix 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt and half a tablespoon of ground rice. Apply on your face for some facial session feeling, leave it on for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

Brown rice got you covered on your acne concern

All the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and antioxidant properties found in every grain of brown have the potential to protect your skin from blemishes and acne breakouts. Convinced now to shift from brown rice to white rice? Well if not, we are giving you more reasons. White rice may potentially lead to insulin production. Insulin production may trigger the production of sebum on the skin.  Guess where we are headed now? Excess sebum on the skin, as you know is the main culprit for all that unnecessary breakouts. Brown rice being a rich source of Vitamin B makes the reason why you should shift to brown rice when you have acne concerns. For acne, Vitamin B acts as our skin’s stress fighter, regulates hormone levels, and prevents the likelihood of breakouts.

Overall, brown rice seems to be a healthier choice, however, of course, in order for you to reap all the benefits you have to consume it in an overall healthful diet. This includes the consumption of green vegetables and fruits.

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