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Some people are struggling with skin problems due to stress, anxiety, depression, or any stress-related problems that can severely affect their skin. Whether you have a skincare routine, using skincare products, there’s a beauty burglar that always follows you –stress. And the moment you started to get drawn in it, the more that it becomes visible to your skin.

But we’ve got you covered!  There is one proven solution to your skincare woes.  – meditation. Meditation is believed to be originated in India several thousand years ago. And now it’s popular because of the health benefits that you can gain from it, and that includes stress-relieving meditation practices not only to clear your mind but also makes your skin glow inside out!  Now sit back and relax and check on the reasons why you should be incorporating it into your day-to-day self-care routine.

Meditation helps clear the negative thoughts and improve mental health.

Having negative thoughts is one of our main struggles some deal with constant doubting, trust issues, worrying, and some other negative thoughts or having a mind chatter (monkey mind). According to this study published in the year 2017 that meditation can deactivate the part of the brain that is thought to be a mind chatter – the default mode network (DMN). And new research shows that mindfulness meditation can reduce the intrusive thoughts that are popping inside our heads.

A study shows that people with depression or anxiety turn most commonly incorporate nonpharmacologic and non-conventional interventions in their treatment such as exercise, yoga, meditation, tai chi, or qi gong. Meta-analyses and systematic reviews have shown that these interventions can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders. Yoga as monotherapy or adjunctive therapy shows positive effects, particularly for depression.

Meditation can improve your appearance.

Yes, since our mind-heart and body are connected, meditating can also improve your skin, meditation can make your skin glow from within. This is not only improving your appearance but also boost your confidence and health! Mindfulness meditation is helpful from this aspect. A study published in the year 2018  concluded that meditation can be a huge help to all those who suffer from skin concerns such as acne breakouts. Regular meditation reduces the body’s cortisol levels; and since excess cortisol can stimulate excess oil production, this reduces acne appearance as well.

Meditating can also make you younger-looking than your actual age! There’s a study published in the year 2016 that regular meditation has a positive effect on longevity. So, what are you waiting for? Aside from eating organic and healthy foods, and having a skincare routine, this is one of the secret techniques why some people are actually younger-looking despite their age.

Meditation helps promote better sleep.

For those who are having a hard time sleeping, or having insomnia, meditation can help to promote better sleep. Many people about 35 to 50 percent of adults worldwide have trouble sleeping due to stress or anxiety, which leads to worsening it. As a relaxing technique, meditation increases melatonin, reduces heart rate, decreases blood pressure, and activates parts of the brain that control sleep. According to this study published in the year, 2015 says that sleep problems could lead to serious health problems. Lack of sleep can cause elevated levels of fatigue, disturbed mood such as depressive symptoms, and reducing quality of life.

There’s also a study about movement-based meditation, called tai chi, which can improve sleep quality in older adults. It is important to have a good quality sleep because it promotes a good mood and less-stress quality of life, besides, having a good sleep can also promote better skin, and repairing the cells and tissues inside your body when sleeping especially at night.

Meditation can improve your views in life.

Aside from getting a healthier body and a clearer mind, meditation can also improve your focus on life, such as making a positive decision to make your life better and increasing self-awareness. Regular meditation can increase your patience, tolerance, and handling stress towards stressful situations. There’s a meditation that focused on promoting a positive loving-kindness and increase a positive feeling and action towards yourself and others, which is called Metta. Metta meditation is a type of Buddhist meditation with the goal of promoting kindness for all beings, when you show kindness to others, it will also come to you as well. There’s a study published in the year 2020 that Metta meditation can also promote many health benefits, practicing loving-kindness meditation can increase their capacity for forgiveness, self-acceptance, and more. This self-care technique can also boost your well-being and reduce stress in life.

Meditation can improve memory and concentration.

We all knew that meditation can also improve the memories of our brain, regular meditation increases blood flow to the brain which leads to a stronger network of blood vessels in the cerebral cortex and reinforces memory capacity. A study shows that mindfulness meditation and other techniques in meditation can increase attentiveness it says here that frequent meditation at least 20 minutes per day can improve your memory and concentration.

Improved memory leads you to a better focus on your goal, this can also apply to all the benefits above because meditation will change your life for the better, not only for your mind and soul but also for your appearance as well as your goal for youthful and glowing skin and healthy well-being.

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