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Carrots would perhaps bring you a feeling of nostalgia to your favorite cartoon character – Bugs Bunny as he pretty much loves to indulge in carrots. This cartoon character somehow gives you the idea that rabbits eat carrots naturally. However, the fun fact is that rabbits in the wild do not naturally eat carrots. Yup, you see it right! Veterinarians claimed that it is unhealthy for rabbits because of its sugar content. And another thing, while the cartoon character loves carrots that much it is contrary to the voice-over of the cartoon character itself. Mel Blanc, who does voice-over for Bugs Bunny reportedly is not really into carrots. Surprising isn’t it? Well then, after setting the tone and your mood to carrots. Let us get things started. Carrot as we all know is a wonderful vegetable that does varieties of wonders for our health. A good source of beta carotene that helps lower diabetes risk, fiber that keeps blood sugar levels under control, Vitamin K1 for bone health, Potassium, and antioxidants.

Your beauty and well-being mean a lot to us, that primarily explains why we are always on the go in providing you relevant information for skincare ingredients that may do wonders for your skin. May it be skincare for women or skincare for men – providing information about skincare products that do wonders is on top of our list.

Did you know that apart from the health benefits that carrot provides it also does bring potential benefits for your skin? Right! You are seeing things right.  Let us introduce to you, Carrot seed oil it is a type of essential oil, extracted by means of steam distillation from the seeds of carrots.  Shown to exhibit antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.  This primarily explains why it is most commonly used in cosmetic products.

Reap off all the skin benefitting properties that carrot seed essential oil may provide. Check on the following:


Carrot seed essential oil is packed with antibacterial properties

A study published in the year 2016 studied the antibacterial claims for the carrot essential oil. Whereas found out that carrot essential oil has potent antibacterial properties that have the capabilities to inhibit the growth of certain bacteria such as Staphylococcus that most commonly produced skin infections by which when not properly addressed can progress to crusting of the skin or cellulitis and Streptococcal, the acute spreading inflammation of the skin. The process by which carrot seed essential oil combats the harmful bacteria that may affect the skin is through the help of a chemical called, Alpha-pinene, famous for its antibacterial benefits that kill those abovementioned bacteria without harming underlying skin cells.


 Carrot seed essential oil is packed with antioxidant properties  

This study further explored the antioxidant properties of the essential oil whereas, it was then found out that the extracted oil contributed to the reduction of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is referred to as the imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body. Combating oxidative stress is vital in keeping the skin healthy and young-looking.


Carrot seed essential oil offers anti-aging benefits

The exact antioxidant property that this essential oil gives is the same reason why it provides anti-aging benefits. Fighting off free radicals is essential in keeping wrinkles, fine lines, and any signs of skin aging at bay. This study explored that adding carrot seed as part of the formulation to your favorite skincare product functions as a rejuvenator to aging skin. What then are you looking for? Check out the skincare bottle near you and examine if they have this wonder ingredient incorporated into it.


Carrot seed essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties

Carrot seed essential oil is believed to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. If dealing with acne this might be one of your go-to ingredients as it helps reduce redness, irritation, and acne. However, try to remember this point when you are planning to make use of this essential oil. Like any other essential oil, this is safe to use as long as used externally and should always be diluted with a carrier oil prior to applying it.


Carrot seed essential oil helps block harmful UV rays

A compound called, umbelliferone is found in the structure of carrot seed essential oil. This compound absorbs ultraviolet light strongly at several wavelengths. Making it a most common ingredient in sunscreens. While the compound of carrot seed essential oil is most commonly incorporated in sunscreens, studies supporting that carrot seed essential oil alone can do all the wonders. So be sure to still make use of your skincare products specifically used for sun protection.

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