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In today’s time where majority of your buying decision is influenced by your all-time favorite celebrities or beauty enthusiast, we are pretty sure you don’t need to think twice when recommendations are coming from them. Agree?

Well then, this most uncertain time allows some of us to recalibrate some of our skin care habits and practices. This new normal – the do it yourself era unleashes the resourcefulness among everyone. How’s your progress going on so far?

Elevate your stay at home game with these skin care practices your favorite celebrities are fond of doing.  Yup we know that not everyone has an access to professionals for grooming every now and then. But why put yourself on that hassle when we all know that keeping skin healthy minimizes the need for temporary fixes. The glam team behind your favorite stars knows this too. Let us explore some of the well-known celebrities’ skin care tips and practices in order for that always camera and selfie ready look.

Let us start from the basic but is probably the most important skin care practice you all should be doing.


1. “I stay out of the sun” 

Jennifer Aniston or is perhaps some of you known as Rachel Green, the fictional character from American TV sitcom Friends admitted that one of her life’s biggest mistake is not being fond of using sunscreen when she was a kid. How many times this practice does has to be emphasized?  Wearing SPF moisturizer on your face and neck 365 days a year, rain or shine, whether you’re inside or outside is imperative. In short, you do it e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y! This may not be the most glamorous tips or practice that you are expecting but this is probably number one for a reason. UV rays are the primary cause of your skin’s premature aging. Have you ever think of the times your skin was exposed to UV rays? Just by sitting near window, waiting in a car or even on a brief trips such as walking for lunch. You may be completely unaware of these but those brief exposure to UV rays leads to sun damaged skins. Be careful not to take sunscreens for granted. They exists for a reason.


2. “Eat superfoods” 

Victoria Beckham on her 40’s acknowledges that as we age, our skin becomes more and more dry which may result to dull, sagging appearance. Her solution? Took one of her dermatologist’s advice of incorporating salmon into one of her meal per day. Yup! A salmon a day, keeps the dull looking skin away. Salmon is packed with anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, vitamins that keeps your skin supple and healthy plus don’t forget the Omega 3 – essential for your skin’s natural barrier, keeping your skin protected against pollution, moisture loss and sun damage.


3. “Do not forget to exfoliate

Think of exfoliation as part of your secret weapon to having a great skin. Consider doing it regularly and the benefits are worth it. Let us take it from the advice of Duchess, Kate Middleton with which she considers exfoliation as the key to facilitating cell turnover for an overall youthful complexion. But did you know that the Duchess routine is plain and simple? Just a washcloth soaked in hot water to simultaneously exfoliate and steam her face for an unbelievable glow. Even the supermodel Christie Brinkley considers exfoliation as the fountain of youth which she admitted that she have been doing for the past 40 years for which she believe is the reason why her skin is always feeling smooth and fresh.


4. “Water + sleep = best combo ever”

Gwyneth Paltrow, who would ever forget the insane landing she has during the Avenger’s End Game. She definitely nails the iron woman suit. Indeed, one of the best marvel scenes we’ve ever watched. Did you know that our dear Pepper Potts is one of those water obsessed celebrity, she always see to it that she has enough water intake for that healthy glowing skin she has on and off the spot light. When are you planning to stop your usual Netflix sessions at night? Even Lea Michele agrees that there is a difference in her skin when she is well rested. Always prioritize your well-being above all -see to it that you have an at least 8 hours of sleep at night.


5. “24K Gold face mask”

Instagram is burning up with the all dolled up selfies of Irina Shayk – Russian model who received international recognition when she first appeared as the very first Russian model on the cover of 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Did you know that she is fond of using 24k Gold face mask! Because why not? Who could ever go wrong with gold?

We at, B & A Cosmetics stands firm on our belief that luxurious skin care treatment is what your skin deserves – having 24k gold as our primary ingredient on all our skin care products. Who could ever go wrong with gold?  Gold, having an inflammatory property that helps oxygen to enter into the skin for renewal of the cell.  Gold not only gives that radiant, youthful looking skin it also provides benefits in many ways such as, slowing down collagen depletion, increases skin elasticity, lightening skin complexion and many other benefits you could’ve ever imagine.

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