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We all go through different phases in our lives – and some of those phases left us affected for quite such time. Along with it comes, stress, anxiety, or fear of the unknown. In these trying times that we are currently into; we pretty much understand where your stressors are coming from. With that being said, it is not only to psychological distress that stressful events lead us into, but stress can also manifest in your skin, which may trigger or worsen the skin condition.

According to Dr. Erin Lester, a family medicine Physician based in Solana, chemicals that our body releases during times of stress can cause inflammation or even make the skin conditions worse and even more sensitive.

Having said that, this primarily implies that stress has a direct impact on our skin’s health. When you are experiencing stress, the brain secretes hormones that induce the release of cortisol – a stress hormone from our adrenal glands. Human skin has receptors for this stress hormone, the activation then may result in varieties of changes in our skin such as increased inflammation, more oil, and sebum production, and impaired resistance to infection. If you have an acne-prone skin, chances are, your skin is most likely to show visible signs of stress.

Let us go on and explore more on the skin conditions that may be hyped up during times of stress and some helpful skincare tips and practices that you may incorporate when dealing with those.


A reddened, itchy welt that is most commonly triggered by exposure to certain food or medication. The American Academy of Dermatology explains that while it is commonly observed when exposed to a certain food, medication, or insect bite, stress can also trigger the appearance of it. This skin reaction is most commonly treated by both oral and topical applications. Oral by means of antihistamines and topical application through steroid creams.


See? Skin suffers most when you are stressed. This pretty much explains why, when you are stressed people would say. “You looked stress”. It’s as if stress wants to be utterly noticeable.  We pretty much understand where you are coming from. But in such times as that, be sure not to forget the golden rule, to always loads up on H2O. Take a break from what seems to be bothering you and, pause take an 8 hour of sleep and fill your plates with leafy green veggies.


Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels in your face. It also produces small, red, pus-filled bumps. Having said that when you are undergoing stress – this may primarily lead you to inflammation. Rosacea on the other hand is most worsened by inflammation. Uh oh!

If you have rosacea-prone skin, going on through some stressful days, you must be extra careful in dealing with your skin. Opt for the products specifically formulated for sensitive skin. See to it as well to wear a mineral sunscreen. Above all, it is your medical expert’s words that matter most, so do not forget to seek professional help.


It is a skin condition that makes your skin red and itchy. It is most commonly observed in children but can occur as well at any age that can be triggered anything from irritating skincare ingredients to stress. See how well connected our brain is to our skin? They are very much related to the point that our skin speaks for feelings that we are going through. Going back, eczema has the tendency to weaken the skin barrier making it open for irritation and skin dryness. The first thing you need to do when a skin condition such as this shows up is to have that moisturizing routine prioritize. Your skin, during these times, may need a lot of moisture in order to protect your skin barrier.


A skin disease that causes red, itchy scaly patches, most commonly on the knees, elbows, trunk, and scalp. Studies proving the effects of stress in worsening this skin condition is published in late 2009 entitled Individual differences in the effect of daily stressors on psoriasis: a prospective study published by the National Library of Medicine whereas it is found out that those who had more daily stress experienced significantly worse psoriasis outbreaks.

Having said that, topical application of steroid creams, moisturizers, and retinoid creams may relieve the symptoms of psoriasis.

Don’t let your stress sink into your skin and do not let your skin condition stress you even more. Sharing with you some helpful ways on how you can effectively manage your stress.


Staying indoors during this most uncertain time opens up to you exploring what more you can do to make staying out home more fun. Do not dwell too much on the negative side of any situation, instead, why don’t you try some self-soothing techniques such as meditation or yoga.  According to Dr. Nevins from American Osteopathic Association, Incorporating yoga into meditation and breathing helps improves one’s mental well-being – because it creates mental clarity and calmness, increases body awareness; relieves chronic stress patterns, relaxes minds, and sharpens concentration.


Push yourself to get up early in the morning. Go for a walk or run allow yourself to breathe in the fresh air. Exercise releases endorphins which in turn help boost the mood.


Adopt healthy sleep habits. You might want to follow these recommendations given by the National Sleep Foundation in achieving sound sleep at night. (1) Stik to the same sleep schedule of the same bedtime and wake-up time and (2) sleeping on a comfortable mattress and pillow. Getting a good night’s sleep will not only make you feel better the next day but is also beneficial for you in avoiding a variety of health problems.


Eating well means eating a healthy and balanced diet. Caring for your well-being is a long-term commitment – you yourself will solely benefit from it. Your brain, being one of the busiest organs in your body needs the right kind of fuel in order to keep it functioning properly. Make it a habit to food rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as it helps improve your mood and promotes cognitive function.

Do not dwell too much on the things that you think are dragging you down. Stay present. Do not overwhelm yourself with what might be happening next.  Seize every moment. Be on the lookout for your overall well-being. We got you, Queens! No matter what times of your life you are currently experiencing, we love to take care of you from your skin to your overall well-being. Share with us your coping mechanism, Queens! We very much love to hear your stories.

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