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Skin concern varies from one person to another. Our skin types play a big role in the skin concern that we might be experiencing. Our today’s concern will be mainly rosacea.
Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels in your face. It also produces small, red, pus-filled bumps.  It may also be mistaken for acne. Tho, this skin condition may not be life-threatening, but we understand your dilemma, Queens! The way your skin concern affects your self-esteem. We understand. And this is primarily why we love bombarding you with relevant skin care tips that we believe would be helpful in combating your skin concern.

Since people with rosacea have mostly sensitive skin, they must use skincare products that are particularly formulated for them. Using fragrance-free, skin-friendly skincare products that are made up of non-irritable ingredients is a must! Rosacea cannot be cured completely but using the right skincare and practices plays a huge role in managing your rosacea and preventing more flare-ups.

Here are some skincare tips for taking care of rosacea-prone skin: Does this mean we have certain skincare ingredients to avoid in dealing with rosacea prone skin? Hmm Without further do. Let us try to explore the possible solutions to your skin concern.


The type of cleanser that you are using can affect your skin rosacea prone skin

For skin impacted by rosacea, you should wash your face twice daily, once in the morning and once before going to bed to remove oil and dirt that can further irritate the appearance of rosacea. Our advice? Use soap-free, gentle cleansers that remove dirt and makeup without stripping away the skin’s moisture. As mentioned earlier, rosacea can sometimes be mistaken into acne, mainly because of its appearance.  But the thing is, acne treatments may somehow be irritating to persons with rosacea. Take a moment to look at the ingredients of your cleanser, avoid using cleansers that contains retinoids and salicylic acid.  Keep skin cleansing as simple as possible, fragrance free and hypoallergenic skincare would be very much of big help.

Moisturize daily

If you are an avid reader of our skincare tips and tricks, chances are you’ve pretty much heard a lot about this skincare advice of ours. No matter what skin type you are in moisturizing is vital in maintaining your skin’s barrier that keeps irritants from coming into contact with the skin. But having a rosacea prone skin, grabbing just what is available over-the-counter is a no no! A wrong moisturizer can actually make the skin condition worse. Our stand on this? Opt to using oil-free, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic moisturizer. Same with the cleanser, keeping it simple would benefit your skin a lot.

Sunscreen is your skincare must have

Using sunscreen should be part of everyone’s skincare routine but if you have rosacea-prone skin – it’s even more critical. Sun exposure is one of the causes of having a rosacea flare-up. The sun ranks as the most common triggering factor for rosacea flare-ups. Even incidental exposure on a sunny day might be enough to cause an outbreak of rosacea symptoms in some individuals. According to Dermatologist, Chris G. Adigun, a board-certified Dermatologists in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, for a rosacea prone skin, sunscreens with chemical may be to irritating but the fact that sun protection is need in combating the effects of rosacea, it is then advisable to choose a sunscreen with physical blockers such as zinc oxide or titanium. Just as what you do with your cleansers and moisturizers. Our stand on sunscreens to choose. Fragrance free and hypoallergenic would be very much of big help. Plus applying it generously will not hurt either. Just check on the reapplication instructions as well.

Nothing wrong about being careful

Being extra careful especially when you have rosacea prone skin and bound to deal with new skin care products – is indeed advisable.  Always find time to test your makeup, skin care products or anything that you’ll apply in your face when you have a rosacea prone skin.

In choosing makeups suitable for your rosacea prone skin, According to Dr.Elizabeth S. Martin, M.D Dermatologist in private practice Hoover, AL A mineral-based is indeed advisable because it does not contain preservatives or additives that has the potential in irritating the skin. Again, keeping it as simple as possible may be of big help in combating this skin concern of yours. To test your chosen product, smudge a small amount on your skin but not on the area that is prone in rosacea. If you feel a sting, burning or irritates your skin within 72 hours, discontinue using the product.

Check the label

Having a rosacea prone skin is something that someone should disregard. Being extra careful, as mentioned is indeed advisable. While you have with you your skincare products already. We highly suggests that you take a closer look on the ingredients it contains. And yes, this might be the time that you steer clear off from it if you have a rosacea prone skin. Listed below are some of the skincare ingredients you should be avoiding by now to contain all the flare ups.

  • Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid – We have the knowledge about this skincare ingredient shared with you already as effective in treating acne. However acne treatments may cause for irritation to person with rosacea prone skin. If applied, this may increase the skin’s oxidative stress thus increasing the inflammation and skin’s premature aging.

  • Tretinoin or (retinoids) – Having a hypersensitive skin in combination with such a strong skincare ingredient does not sound so good. A tretinoin that is strong and potentially irritating can add up to the redness and making the appearance of that spider veins worse.

  • Witch Hazel – The reason behind is that, some of the over-the-counter commercial toners with witch hazel somehow contains about 15-30 % ethanol – and that won’t do any good to a rosacea prone skin.

  • Hydroquinone – Used primarily in treating hyperpigmentation. While this may be a holy grail to some in achieving Korean glass skin. But this is a no-no to a person suffering with rosacea. Same reasons with the aforementioned skincare ingredients. It is strong and has the potential to cause skin irritation.

Bottom line, what could have been concluded from these skincare ingredients to avoid is that, having a rosacea prone skin, you are indeed in need of a mild mild mild skincare ingredients. Keep that in mind, Queens!

And for the last skincare advice:

Know when to seek professional advice

Sometimes it’s not enough that you follow our advice here, there are certain things that works on other but may not work well for you. So it is advice to seek professional help in dealing with more serious skin condition – the one that is reliable to address your rosacea skin is a dermatologist. If you feel you don’t have control over this case, visit your dermatologist for your condition to be evaluated and will help you calm down your rosacea.

Don’t ignore if you are suspecting symptoms of rosacea. We highly recommend that you seek a dermatologist for diagnosis and prescription medications to help you find the appropriate medical care before this condition worsens.

Now, having said all these. What are your thoughts about these skincare tips and advices? We love hearing from you, Queens!  For now we highly suggests you to Become a B&A Insider

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