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AHA stands for alpha hydroxy acid or α-Hydroxy acids, this is a water-soluble acid acquired from sugary fruits like lemons and grapefruit, papaya, pineapple, and tomato. AHAs are well known for their use in the cosmetics industry, they are frequently found on products that help the wrinkles reduce, soften the strong defining lines such as laugh lines, and the overall look and feel of the skin. They are also known as chemical peels. Continuous use of AHAs has tremendously high efficacy in the cosmetic and beauty industries.

Research has found that for any topical compound to be effective, it must reach into the skin where it can act on living cells. Human body skin has two main parts or components, the epidermis, and the underlying dermis. For any topical compound to be effective, it must pass the epidermal layer and reach the live cells within the dermis.

So, what are the benefits of AHA on Skin:

1. AHA helps exfoliates the skin

The main function of AHA is to exfoliate. Exfoliation is a process where the dead skin cells are removed and shed off. To give way for a new skin cell to regenerate.

As we grow older, the skin cell cycle slows down inherently. This is the reason why dead skin cells occur and build up over time which makes our skin look so dull, easily gets wrinkles, age spots, and acne.

Pro Tip:
Since not all products were created equal. The degree of exfoliating power depends on the amount of AHA in the skincare products you use. Choose a product with a higher concentration of AHA but not exceeding 10%.


2. AHA makes the skin look brighter

When AHA acids exfoliate the skin, it naturally softens making it easy for the dead skin to be washed away. Hence, the next skin layer shines brightly and radiantly.

Pro Tip:
To make your skin look clear and glowing, try using products with aloe vera and citric acid for brightening and soothing effects. Citric acid makes the skin looks brighter.


3. AHA helps Collagen Production

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body responsible for helping the skin to be smooth and plump. As we age, collagen breaks down which further accelerates the depletion and destruction through excessive unprotected sun exposure. Drastic loss of collagen leads to premature skin sagging and sallowness. Thankfully, AHA helps the production of collagen by destroying the old collagen fibers to make way for the new ones.

Pro Tip:
For collagen boost, try an egg white facemask.


4. AHA helps reduce surface lines and shallow wrinkles

AHAs are known for their anti-aging effect. It targets surface lines and shallow wrinkles.
One research study proves that after three weeks of using AHA. Nine out of ten participants significantly had their skin texture and overall condition improved.

Pro Tip:
Let your natural queenly glow with this 24k Gold Serum. We in B&A ensure that the AHA concentration is perfectly right for each Queen to enjoy daily.


5. AHA Promotes Blood Flow

One of the promising properties of AHA is it has anti-inflammatory power, which helps promote better blood circulation to the skin. That helps eliminates pale and dull complexions. Proper blood flow ensures that the skin cells are getting enough nourishments through the oxygen-rich red blood cells.

Pro Tip:

To enhance dull skin and lack of oxygen, try to massage your skin longer using B&A 24K Pure Gold Deluxe Facial Oil for an easy gliding face massage. Apply it in the morning and/or evening on clean and dry face. After 2 to 1 minute, apply day/night cream.


6. AHA helps prevent and treat acne

AHA works well in treating and preventing acne recurrence. Similar to how benzoyl peroxide and other acne-fighting ingredients work.

When pores get clogged with too much sebum, dead skin cell, and bacteria, acne pops up. Exfoliating products with proper AHAs level help to unclog those pores and prevents future clogs. We’re not just focused on your face skin, but you can also use it on another acne-prone area of the body such as the back and the chest.

The use of AHA for treating acne takes time. According to the Mayo Clinic, it can take two to three months before you start to see significant acne improvements. Patience will play a big role in this treatment because you need to be consistently using the product.

Pro Tip:
Always make sure to look for a product that is suitable for your skin type. If you don’t know your skin type yet, find out in our blog post, How Do You Find Out Your Skin Type.


7. AHA helps minimize and correct discoloration

Skin discoloration increases with age naturally. For instance, flat brown spots referred to as age spots (lentigines), develop as a result of too much-unprotected sun exposure. They tend to develop on areas of the body that are exposed to the sun most frequently, like your chest, hands, and face.

Discoloration can also result from:
• melasma
• post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
• acne scars

5-10 % concentration of AHAs are mostly found in over-the-counter beauty /skincare products that promote exfoliation. According to the Cleveland Clinic, you shouldn’t use products that are more than 15 percent AHA.

Daily use products — such as serum, toners, and moisturizers — contain lower AHA concentrations. For example, a serum or a toner might have a 5 percent AHA concentration. Here at B&A Cosmetics, we implement the process of fermentation in which we only boast naturally preserved ingredients that are better at fighting skin sensitivity, redness, and wrinkles.

Queens, now that you have known how AHAs work, the next time you head and shop for your skincare products consider those with proper AHA content.

Achieve clear and glowing skin at the same time minimize the use of makeup to cover up. Let us help you through our products.

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