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During the past few months, our safety has been our topmost priority. Who would even want to contact virus right? This new normal requires us to wear mask regularly – yup, regularly! It is as if you committed a big sin when you go out not wearing one. While we are tasked to cover our mouths and noses to stop the spread of COVID19 some of us are uncovering a new problem – maskne.
While this case may not be new to medical professionals who have to wear mask most of the time ever since then, the incidence certainly increased now that the general public has to wear mask. And I guess some of you would agree when I say that The struggle is real!

Maskne is caused by constant rubbing of the mask against the skin. Mask traps humidity due to breathing thus making it an ideal place for oil and bacteria to multiply – and the result? Breakouts!

Ditching your mask can never be a good option! And because we care for your skin as much as you care for your health and safety during this most uncertain time. We have here some few suggestions based on our research on how to treat and prevent maskne.

Wash your face regularly 

You can never go wrong with washing your face regularly with gentle cleansers. This routine includes having to wash your face in the morning, once at night before going to bed and after sweating or wearing of mask for a long period of time. Use lukewarm water when washing your face plus pat dry it with dry and clean towel. A gentle cleanser would be of big help in removing excess oil, sweat and bacteria. Per the advice of the dermatologist,  stay away from cleansers that contains alcohols as part of its ingredients – as this may cause skin irritations. However, if the maskne condition is severe, you may opt to try cleansers with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide on their ingredients. On the other note, it may be hard to experiment on different skin care products during this unusual skin condition if you have a sensitive skin, always remember that professional advice should not be your last resort when dealing with this matter. For sensitive skin, it is safe to seek for a dermatologist’s advice for the right medicated cleanser for your skin.


Say bye makeups for now

Makeup sure is a great boost of confidence. But why bother going all out on your make up when it’s only the half of your face that the world is requiring you to show?  Take a break from makeup for now especially on the lower half of your face. Your foundation, concealer and any sort of heavy makeup creams can mix with sweat, oil plus the humidity due to breathing could make a pore-clogging environment under your mask. As much as you can, allow your skin to breathe during such a time as this. 


Practice good hygiene

Good hygiene on such a time as this includes washing your hands. It is literally the most emphasized practice we all should be doing now! If you haven’t been washing your hands a lot lately, well a gentle reminder that you really need to! The oils and microscopic grime of your hands can introduce irritants to your face.

Allow your skin to breathe, give your skin a break. From a recommendation of American Academy of Dermatology Association, removing face mask for 15 minutes every four hours will be of big help in allowing your skin to breathe. However, please note that you can only remove your mask only when you can practice physical distancing. Washing hands before taking a mask break is also required.

Apart from proper hand washing, proper mask hygiene is also recommended. Dispose your used mask properly every after use.

Wash your cloth mask every after use. Use fragrance-free, hypoallergenic laundry detergent.

Choose the right mask

Daily news and reminders that keeps bombarding us to wear mask gave birth to the introduction of different mask that comes in different varieties. To keep that OOTD of yours on fleek comes the development of fashionable face masks. However, in such a time as this, please see to it that your health and safety comes first.

Consider the root cause of this problem – mask! To reduce skin problems, it is then advised to look for masks that offers the following:

  • Masks that fit well, not too loose not too tight – wearing mask that offers comfortable fit helps reduce skin problems.  A mask that feels too tight can cause skin irritation.
  • Choose a mask that is at least 2 layers of fabric
  • Soft, natural and breathable fabric, preferably cotton on the inside layer that rest against your skin.



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