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The debut of Korean skincare routine has pave way to the hype and discovery of varieties of skincare products. All thanks to that Korean glass skin that we all aim to have, now everyone clamors to do that all out skincare routine. To all the beauty enthusiast out there, we are pretty sure that you do not want to get left behind on the today’s hype that the skincare industry is receiving. Information here and there may be overwhelming but before jumping into the bandwagon, let us try to figure things out first, Get to know more about the wonders of serum could do. Yes, Serum! Bet some of you are pretty much wanting to have this skincare product incorporated in your skincare routine. Let us get you all set up with serum.

As we age, skin concerns become fairly visible, those wrinkles, brown spots, and early signs of skin aging starts to sits in as years as by. And this is perhaps the best time for you to incorporate serum in your usual skincare routine. Serums are light, easily absorbed oil-or-water-based liquids that you spread on your skin. Be sure not to mistaken serum into a moisturizer. According to a Dr. Abigail Waldman, Instructor of Dermatology in Harvard Medical School, if you are someone whose main concern is skin aging, well then, serum is the skincare product for you. Serums are highly concentrated formulations that are designed to sink into your skin quickly, oozing with ingredients that address your common skin concerns.

Ready to get to know Serum more? Listed below are the powerhouse ingredient that is most commonly incorporated in that tiny serum bottle that promises great result. Check on them depending on your skin concern

Vitamin C

We cannot go over and discuss skin benefits without having to mention Vitamin C. Not only in serum, but this skincare ingredient should be vital part of your skincare regimens for it combats skin aging, boosts skin immunity and it potent component is vital in the skin collagen production.

Hyaluronic Acid

Watch out for this skincare ingredient in that beauty bottles of yours, if incorporated in serums, it plays a great deal in treating your dehydrated skin for it traps skin natural water level making sure that your skin won’t lose any of its natural moisture.

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Skincare ingredient most commonly incorporated in serum includes retinol – a powerhouse skincare ingredient, Vitamin A derivative that addresses skin concern ranging from acne, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and signs of skin aging. If you are looking for serum that primarily works for your acne concern, look out for this skin care ingredient. Not only does it address your skin concern, it also supports skin cellular turnover, hydration and even elasticity.

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Anti-inflammatory Ingredients

Planning to incorporate serum in your skincare routine but still quite unsure what certain ingredient to be specific with? Why don’t you look out for serums with anti-inflammatory properties? It is highly suggested especially to those who have sensitive skin. Anti-inflammatory ingredients such as zinc, anica and aloe vera helps prevents breakouts and inflammation.

Having all the ingredients to watch out for. Let us make you more excited by listing over some of the skin benefits that facial serum could offer

Say Hello Younger Looking Skin 

Well then the gossip must be true that it specifically targets signs of skin aging. With its Vitamin C content, serum aids primarily in improving the skin texture – making it firmer and smoother.

Bye Dark Spots  

Regular use of serum is believed to be effective in treating and lightening dark spots, acne marks or any other unwanted marks you wanted to get rid of. Look for serums with plant based ingredients if you want to have this concern of yours to be addressed. And remember to be consistent with your regimen, Queens!

Glass Skin? Achieved 

A skin that looks poreless? Bet all of you wants its! No wonder why serums are ever famous in the Korean skincare routine. With regular use, a reduction in the size of open pores is expected a smaller pore will then result to lesser blackheads and white heads. Indeed a #goals

Say hello #flawlessskin 

Achieve that flawless looking skin with minimum efforts. This wonder elixir is hydrating skin care product that protects your skin from free radicals and future damage. It targets your specific skin concerns such as, brightening, calming and firming. your serum should have active ingredients that you can wear throughout the day like Vitamin C which will make it plump, firm and elastic. If overuse, they can cause skin irritation. Using a serum mildly, once every other day, would boost your skin and provide your skin with all it needs but in a gentle, balanced way.

The good news is that we got you on this matter. Did you know that Before and After Cosmetic products are made up of naturally fermented ingredients? Yes! You get all these from our products – 24K gold particles plus fermented cosmetics. Normally, your skin cannot easily absorb the actives of natural ingredients. But all thanks to the process of fermentation, where it helps microorganisms break down the molecules into smaller sizes, so your skin can easily absorb the skin benefitting ingredients. Because at the end of the day, that’s what we, at B&A Cosmetics wants you to have is – best of the best ingredient. We love to recommend with you our best-selling facial serum. Of course, we are with you in combatting your dilemma with skin aging and no matter what skincare concern you have


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