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The touch of water in the morning as you prepare for another day is indeed beyond words – it awakens you and gives you the lingering comfort of welcoming a new day feeling fresh and clean. On the other hand, the touch of water at the end of the day, before you head on to sleep and bid farewell to another long tiring day is one form of relaxation – it’s as if stripping away all the dirt that accumulates within the day. There is no denying that we love shower time. It is one form of our me-time where we pretty much love to sing our hearts out while putting on our favorite shampoos and conditioners plus lavishing our bodies with our all-time favorite body wash. Me time at its finest it is!

Just a little skincare trivia from us, did you know that it is highly suggested to keep showers short? Yes, you see it right! In as much as you love indulging in a bubble bath while singing on top of your lungs, sorry but we think bathroom concerts should soon be limited. Did you know that longer shower time may strip away much of the skin’s oily layer and may cause it to lose moisture? Yes! Try to limit yourself to a 5-10 minutes’ bath. On top of that, stop sticking to your belief that hot water is a good way to removing the bacteria from your skin. The fact is, it will actually do more harm than good!  Hot water also strips off the skin’s natural oil leaving your skin feeling dry and tight. Use lukewarm water in washing your face and body.

Having said all these, are you one of those people who pretty much love to do anything all at once in the shower? Oops, no hiding! Bet some of you are guilty. The feeling is mutual. We pretty much are in the same boat.

Once and for all, one must’ve tried doing it so, seems that it is an unhealthy skincare habit that we should get used to doing. So as early as now, explore and understand for you should not be washing your face in the shower.


Hot water is very damaging to the skin

One of the main reason why you probably shouldn’t be washing your face in the shower is because of the mere fact that approximately all people pretty much love to use hot water in doing it so. Though the fact that hot water is very relaxing, However, According to Dr. Benjamin Garden, M.D  Dermatologist currently practicing in  Chicago. Hot water can be irritating and damaging to our skin. Hot water dissolves and washes away the natural oils on the skin. The skin on the face, when exposed to too much hot water, can produce excess pigment or coloring of the skin. For people with melasma, it is advisable to avoid too much hot water on the face.


Longer exposure to shower can actually dry out your skin

Any long lingering shower can make your skin dry. The skin’s natural moisture factor-like ceramides, fatty acids, and oils that are essential in retaining the moisture of the skin are water-soluble, thus, primarily implies that the longer you’re under there indulging your skin in the shower, the more chances that you are rinsing them away as well.

Longer shower time and washing face in a hot shower can aggravate other skin conditions

There is no evidence that hot showers or longer exposure to it and washing face in the shower causes acne breakouts. There are lots of possibilities to explore in dealing with acne breakouts, it could be hormones, a PMS, stress that you are going through, or any other. However, on the other note, there is a note that longer exposure to a hot shower, washing your face using hot water in the shower may exacerbate rosacea. The heat and humidity have been reported to cause flushing and may trigger flare-ups.

The traces of shower gels on your hands are not your facial friends

There is no guarantee that all the residue of your favorite shower gels is rinsed off entirely. Lingering shower gels are not your facial care buddy as they foam up the oil in your skin and rinses it away causes the PH balance to rise which may primarily lead to dry skin.


The takeaway

Washing your skin is vital for your skin’s health. While there may be a lot of claims about washing your skin in the shower. There is no harm as long as you are using warm water and your hair and body are thoroughly cleansed. Our advice? Consider washing your face in the sink. Take a shower first and then wash your face in the sink. The steam from warm water allows pores to enlarge which is helpful in preparing your skim in receiving the skincare you are about to apply.

Cleansing, no matter what skin type you have is indeed important. On the other note, the cleanser requirement varies from one skin type to another. For acne-prone skin, opt for a cleanser with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. They are your go-to skincare ingredient in combatting acne. There are also days that will require putting on some makeup, as such, it is highly advisable to double cleanse with oil-based or micellar water followed by your traditional cleanser to ensure that all the makeup residues are removed to prevent the build-up of dirt that may cause unwanted breakouts.

Again, cleansing your face is important! Break some bad habits now to achieve fairly glowing and healthy skin.

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