2021 and look where we’re at? almost half way of the year. Indeed time flies so fast. A year living in this new normal. We must admit that 2020 has truly been a year of changes. One fine morning, you woke up and tadah! Your usual routines were never the same. Working in pj’s, staying indoors most of the time, enjoying your me time. Along with these changes comes your changes in your usual beauty routine right? Was it simplified? Or have you found new ways how to pamper your skin?It is without a doubt that 2020 is a year of do it yourself – with salons and facial clinics having to experience temporary closure or limited transactions, 2020 really did unleashed additional job descriptions among all of us in lieu to taking care of ourselves. Along it with, take a pause, and we have an important question for you. Given the fact that you stayed indoors most of the time? Are you still incorporating SPF to your usual beauty routine? Hmmmm. What does that nod implies? Uh oh! So this means you are not considering the sunlight from your windows? or, chances are we are pretty much sure that you are well aware of the trends about blue light and how it could make an impact to your skin. It has been said that it could contribute to the unwanted changes in skin.  Blue light is a constant companion to many; may it be your televisions where you binge watch your favorite Netflix movies or your laptops where you conduct all your zoom meetings or your mobile device that you can’t help but check every now and then. Blue light exposure is part of our everyday routine. Given that, if you are pretty much concern about the long-term effects of artificial lights to your skin, this is probably the best time to get started on a hobby of applying sunscreen even when you are indoors.


Uh-oh! Breaking the code for you and elaborating it furthermore, these are the main reasons why experts believed that wearing sunscreen indoors is vital, it all involves and boils down as to where you are exposed to:


Sunscreens reflect some of the sun’s (UV) Ultraviolet Radiation – the most emphasized reason for skin damage. UV radiation that the sun emits consists of two types of UV rays that probe different skin damage. The first one is the:


This is responsible for causing sunburns and is the culprit in developing skin cancer.


The one that causes skincare damage that could eventually lead to the visible signs of skin aging. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, UVA rays can penetrate through the window, and apparently, not all windows are treated with protection from the sun’s harmful UV radiation.  Hmm, you might be thinking of skipping it on the gloomy weather but according to board-certified Dermatologists Dr. Robin Gymrek, wearing sunscreen in broad-spectrum is crucial all year long. Sunscreens provide SPF Sun Protection Factor that is responsible for minimizing Ultraviolet damages and decreases the risk of development of skin cancers.


From a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, the effects of blue light aren’t always noticeable right away. Consider it as if it’s like sun exposure – the damage is cumulative. And just as blue light can make a big impact on your sleep cycle, it can also disturb the circadian rhythm of skin cells. Causing damage to your skin’s regenerative cycle which potentially causing more damage to your skin over time.

The impact of the blue light should be considered, especially now that your screen time’s exposure is prolonged because we are forced to have our errands done virtually. Sunscreen would serve as the first line of defense. It has been said that sunscreens that practically address the effects of this artificial light are those formulated with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The efficacy was proven by the clinical trial entitled Sunscreen protection against UVB, UVA, and blue light: an in vivo and in vitro comparison published by the British Journal of Dermatology it was then found out that sunscreens containing microfine titanium dioxide offered significantly higher protection against UVA and blue light as compared to other SPFs parts of the trial.


So, have you made up your mind now? On the search for the best sunscreen to use while doing the most indoors? Our advice:

  • According to the experts, both chemical and physical blocks provide protection against harmful UV rays – so long as it is labeled SPF 30 and with broad-spectrum.
  • Applying at least SPF30 every morning is a practical means to get a protective layer of protection from harmful UV rays.
  • As a general rule of thumb, sunscreen application is a must. However, if you are indoors and is away from the window, the need to reapply is less necessary. But be sure not to compromise the initial application.
  • However, if you are to go outside: Do not be limited on the area of your face only. Cover all the exposed areas, especially the ears, lips and the back of your hands.

Break the stigma of wearing the only sunscreen on the days that you will be having sun exposure. Sunshine is indeed one of the best things we are grateful for – the mood it creates and good memories that we look forward to having when it is all out. Sunscreen is indeed should be considered as your skincare bff! Not only outdoors, but also indoors especially now during these times that everyone is getting more digitally inclined. This screen time obsession is should literally address by protecting your skin from the cumulative damages it could provide.

Now that you are on your screen while browsing these blog articles, what are your stand now on the thought of wearing sunscreen indoors? Hmm get started now with your daily SPF protection, Queen. Your self-care that includes your DIY workouts and healthy diet should also include skincare.


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