Your curry recipe would not be complete without the aid of turmeric. The thought of spices sure would give you the idea of turmeric.  A powder made from the root of Curcuma Zedoria, a type of ginger native to countries in Southeast Asia. From being a natural spice to medicinal use, turmeric has taken the beauty center stage as well. Its beneficial properties for your skin’s health and skin concerns are being studied and being taken into consideration. 

The essential oil that can be extracted from this bright yellowish color root spice is much more concentrated than its powder form and has varieties of skin-loving benefits such as antioxidant properties for keeping skin young-looking and anti-inflammatory keeping acne breakouts and hyperpigmentation at bay thus making it a promising skincare ingredient that you should keep an eye to. 

Its efficacies from being incorporated as a traditional medicine to modern medicine have paved the way to it being tagged as a golden spice. This study reviewed the benefits that this wonder spice could offer and has proven that it holds several health benefits when included in your healthy diet.  But when applied topically in your day-to-day skincare regimen? What are your thoughts about it then? Acne concern? Aging? Sit back and relax as we unfold more of you more reasons why this essential oil deserves a spot in your beauty bag. 

Combat acne with turmeric essential oil by your side 

This skin concern has long been a dilemma for many. Do not get it all worked out as you look for possible solutions for this matter.  Turmeric essential oil is packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties making it your go-to skincare ingredient in dealing with your acne concern. Without worrying about its possible side effects, like any other proven acne-related medicine. This narrative review was published in the year 2018 tackled the efficacy of turmeric essential oil in combating acne-related concern due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that helps hinder the growth of bacteria. 

Aging skin? Turmeric essential oil got you’ve covered

Your daily exposure to harmful environmental aggressors makes your skin more prone to aging. Handle early signs of skin aging like a pro with turmeric essential by your side as it is packed with antioxidant properties that quench free radical damage thus improving the appearance of skin thereby keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. In relation to that, this study was published in the year 2018 concluded that turmeric essential oil’s antioxidant compounds as subjected to animal skin significantly improved sun-damaged related skin problems. A great indication that this skincare ingredient holds the potential to slow down the effects of aging in humans. 

Turmeric Essential oil helps lighten the skin’s complexion 

This study published in the year 2017 concluded that turmeric oil, when included in a formulation in body lotion, resulted in skin lightening within three weeks of use. The glowing benefits that turmeric essential oil provides are the result of its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds working together to heal and bring your skin’s natural health. 

Turmeric Essential oil for the pre-existing skin condition 

Psoriasis is just one of the skin conditions that a lot has to deal with. It is an autoimmune disease in which inflammation causes skin cells to build upon each other, thereby creating patches that are prone to cracking and bleeding. Curcumin, on the other hand, is the primary compound found in turmeric hosts anti-inflammatory enzymes that helps cell production thereby reducing those unwanted skin patches.  These various studies dated in the year 2015 and 2016 respectively concluded that both oral and topical application can improve symptoms of psoriasis in the span of 9-12 weeks.

Turmeric Essential Oil helps heal wounds 

When someone got injured, the body’s natural response is to send white blood cells to inhibit the infection that causes and inflamed skin. Turmeric helps fight infection and oxidation that calms down swelling thus making the wound less angry. Topical application helps speed up the skin’s ability to form new and healthy tissue. 

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