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You may find your skin tight and dry when the winter weather sets in. You need to protect your skin to survive the winter months with hydrated, healthy, and supple whatever your skin type is.

Gratefully, there are some easy ways to keep your skin free from dryness and make it happy all winter long.

1. Use A Mild or Hydrating Cleanser

It may not be noticeable that your regular cleanser could be drying out your skin until winter comes. Avoid harsh cleansers in the winter that contain ingredients like salicylic acid or glycolic acid if you want radiant skin. The very first thing you need to do is look for moisturizing ingredients that can help rejuvenate your skin to take care of your moisture barrier with a mild cleanser. Some cleansers strip off the natural oils in your skin leaving it even dryer.  You are probably using the wrong cleanser for your face when it feels dry and tight. When your protective barrier gets stripped, your skin gets extremely dry, irritated, and dull.

Consider investing in a hydrating cleanser which removes grime while protecting delicate skin and is better for dry skin.

We recommend you our 24K Pure Gold Deluxe Cleanser because of its deeply hydrating function. With its active ingredients such as Rosa canina oil and gold particles, you’ll feel the revitalized youthful appearance of your skin.

2. Gentle Exfoliation

Exfoliation can be a major key to your winter skincare routine. Getting rid of all those dead skin cells can help your skin to breathe that helps for better absorption of the skin care products that have moisture-boosting ingredients. It helps those products to penetrate at a deeper level, thus allowing them to work better in reducing fine lines and dark spots. Exfoliation also minimizes pore size and helps even out our skin tone. As scrubs tend to be harsh on skin, making it drier, choose an exfoliator that is gentle to avoid over scrubbing. Keep your skin type in mind and don’t forget to listen to it when making selections.

3. Use Face Oil As Your Radiance-Boosting Routine

During winter, heavy moisturizer may not be enough to be ready for a long day. Consider using face oil aside from your moisturizer to protect your skin. Face oils can be a special treatment as it improves the ability to lock in moisture because of the extra barrier it gives the skin.

You can even use face oil as a highlighter. Just rub a few drops into your fingertips and press it along your cheekbones as your glow go-to look.

We recommend you our 24K Pure Gold Deluxe Facial Oil. This powerful lightweight, facial oil is infused with a blend of superfood seed oils that instantly melt into the skin to reveal invigorated skin that is replenished, refined and absolutely luminous.

We boast this formula that does not only soothe and comfort but absorbs quickly into the skin delivering a potent dose of essential fatty acids and 7 plant botanicals rich in Vitamins A, B, C and E, to nourish and protect the skin’s complexion.

4. Use A Hydrating Serum

Your dry skin absolutely needs a hydrating serum during the winter. A hydrating serum contains active ingredients that gives your skin a clear and glowing complexion. It helps moisturize, gives anti-aging benefits on your face and  protection against the harsh winter air.

We recommend you our 24K Pure Gold Deluxe Serum that ensures the radiance in your skin. A fast-absorbing Serum with 24K Gold for skin hydration and a visible glow. With  argan oil as its active ingredient, this powerful serum naturally diminishes the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation and nourishes all layers of the skin for a rejuvenated youthful glow.

5. Wear A Heavier Moisturizer

Supplementing your skin with a thicker moisturizer will give instant relief to itchy, irritated, flaky or cracked skin during winter.  Keep it hydrated throughout the day during the winter months or every time you feel like you need it as it helps to seal moisture in your skin. You should be investing in a moisturizer that has a heavier and richer formulation to give you a plumper and hydrated skin against constant dry temperatures and harsh winter winds.

We recommend you our 24K Pure Gold Deluxe Moisturizer which is packed with active botanical ingredients to nourish the skin while visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness. It has active omega fatty acids that deliver lasting moisture for clearer and healthy-looking skin now and for years to come. Most importantly, our moisturizer is infused with 24K Gold that treats your skin like a queen.

6. Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Even if it’s winter, spring, autumn, or summer, sunscreen should be a staple in your skin care regimen. Applying a layer of sunscreen helps to protect your skin  from sun damage from the Ultra Violet rays. Wearing sunscreen daily is beneficial on your skin from developing early signs of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines. Don’t be deceived by those cloudy skies hiding the sun, it can still reach your skin so, always use a daily SPF.

7. Change Your Bathing Habits

How about lukewarm showers for your winter skincare routine? To keep those oils on your skin, stay away from long and super hot showers as hot baths may strip the oils and moisture from your skin. Try lukewarm water in your shower and you’ll definitely be a step closer to hydrated skin all winter long.

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