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We all go through different phases in our lives – and some of those phases left us affected for quite such time. Along with it comes stress, anxiety, or fear of the unknown – that in the bottom line, affects your mental health. We feel you, and you are never alone in your journey. This may spoil you a bit, or you might think that things are easier said than done but just a simple reminder that things will work out eventually. Do not be too hard on yourself.

Given the many kinds of research explaining mental health. There is no exact same explanation for why you feel what you feel. You yourself, don’t have to explain it either. Your feelings are always valid.

The help of a professional is always advisable during times such as this, open up your thoughts, your feelings for better treatment. Many people are recognizing the importance of the help of a professional in dealing with this matter. They are of big help when matters about this are being discussed. Along with it, we have prepared a list of essential oils that is believed to be helpful in boosting your mental health. Essential oils are oils derived from plants that are either inhaled or topically applied through the skin in order to promote mental wellbeing and ease physical discomfort. Aromatherapy has long been practiced since ancient times – it is a holistic treatment method that has been used for emotional and physical ailments. Success rates of incorporating aromatherapy vary from one person to another, on the other note, using oil in conjunction with professional mental health treatment improves wellbeing.

Listed below are some of the essential oils that you may want to check and indulge in within your aromatherapy.


Considered to be one of the most popular scents, it has a soft, pleasant smell that promotes calmness. It primarily aids in boosting one’s quality of sleep – when added to a healthy bedtime routine, may give a better quality of sleep and more energy during the day it is also said to help improves concentration and reduces anxiety, in fact, a study was conducted primarily subjected to a dental office whereas, it was then found out that the scent of the lavender diffused in the room helps patients waiting in line for procedures reduces the level of anxiety and felt more at ease.


It is without a doubt that stress greatly impacts our performance at work or either at school. If you are that person experiencing this, cedarwood essential oil may be the go-to oil for you. It has been found to have stress-relieving properties. A scent of cedarwood in your room? Or work area? May potentially improve your performance and promote focus. Transition to a stress-free work routine now has cedarwood essential oil with you in handy.


Your body’s response to stress may draw another problem, making your situation more stressful and so on. Chamomile essential oil is said to relieve anxiety. Some life-changing events may cause you to stress as much as it causes you joy – part of the things that contributes much to your stress is the changes in your hormones. While those things are deemed to be normal, it is without a doubt that these changes affect you more than how you can imagine. One study was conducted to test the efficacy and the potential of chamomile in relieving anxiety. A study published in a journal entitled Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine where an aromatherapy blend of chamomile and lavender were given to ICU patients, the study resulted in a promising result whereas subject patients were able to relax, combat anxiety, and get better sleep.


For those people who in most cases inhibit mood swings, this may be the go-to essential oil for you. It helps balance hormones and brain chemistry with its heavenly deep aroma. On the other note, a study entitled Effects of Aroma Hand Massage on Pain, State Anxiety and Depression in Hospice Patients with Terminal Cancer was published in 2008. It was then found out that Frankincense essential oil when used alongside two other essential oils – lavender and bergamot. It was then found out that the mixture not only does ease the depression of terminally ill patients it also helps diminish their pain levels as well.


As mentioned earlier, using oil in conjunction with professional mental health treatment might improve wellbeing. This essential oil then may help you avoid the side effects of anxiety drugs while giving you many potential benefits. In a study subjected to rats entitled Acute effects of bergamot oil on anxiety-related behavior and corticosterone level in rats published last 2010, it was then found out that aromatherapy best practices acknowledge a similar effect in human whereas, bergamot is a potent essential oil to reach when looking for oil for anti-anxiety use.


This essential oil is said to have an uplifting and invigorating effect and has the potential to help you feel more energized. This essential oil is specifically and is commonly recommended to those who are in recovery and getting rid of the addiction to drugs and alcohol. As these people are mainly considered to be battling with withdrawal symptoms this essential oil therapy approach may potentially be added to the treatment program to help increase chances of success to full withdrawal from the addiction.


Rosemary is considered to be a sacred substance for nearly all ancient people including Egyptians, Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans. Rosemary essential oil is shown to exhibit antidepressant activity within two weeks when diffused 30 minutes per day. Rosemary essential oil is said to help reduce cortisol levels. To further prove it, The Meikai University School of Dentistry in Japan conducted a study primarily subjected to monitoring cortisol levels in saliva five minutes after the subject is exposed to rosemary and lavender inhalation. The result was indeed promising, the cortisol or the stress hormone was significantly reduced.

Overall, It is the help of the professional that you must first seek when dealing with anxiety and depression. With the help of people who love you, trying times such as that is bearable. Using these essential oils in conjunction with professional mental health treatment might improve wellbeing.

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