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Imagine your usual window shopping at the mall and you passed by a bakeshop that bakes cinnamon rolls, it is undeniably true that the smell of it would make you crave for it. The comforting aromatic smell as the baker prepares the pastry is indeed unexplainable. While most people associate the term cinnamon only with pastry – there is more that this widely used spice could offer. More than just enhancing the taste of your food, there comes cinnamon essential oil, one of the most widely used spices in India. Taking out its oil could deliver plenty of health and beauty benefits.     

Derived from the species of Laurus Cinnamonum native to Sri Lanka.  When dealing with wellness, the cinnamon essential oil is most commonly used for aromatherapy as it is thought to reduce stress levels and helps people who are having a hard time sleeping. In terms of your health, cinnamon essential oil promotes heart health by reducing blood sugar levels and treating ulcers, cinnamon essential oil can do all the works from your wellness to your health. But there are other surprising things that this essential oil could do. This natural spice known for centuries has a wide range of benefits – yes! Including benefits for your skin. The cinnamon essential oil contains cinnamaldehyde a plant-derived compound that is believed to be useful to influence antimicrobial activity – found to reduce inflammation and suppress the growth of bacteria which is believed to be beneficial for your skin’s health.  



Cinnamon essential oil for your acne concern

May it be skincare for men or skincare for women, pretty sure skin concern such as acne is very common and ways to possibly address or cure it completely by means of skin care products and different practices is always on the move. The cinnamon essential oil may be your natural go-to remedy in addressing this skin concern – being rich in anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties. This natural essential oil can fight against microbes that cause your skin problem. It is also believed that this essential oil can increase blood flow which in turn could help fade away the blemishes in your skin. In fact, a study published the year  2013 found out that cinnamon essential oil was more effective in preventing breakouts than the other well-known acne-fighting ingredients such as tea tree oil and rosemary oil. Excited to incorporate it now into your usual skincare routine? To make a DIY acne-fighting mask, just combine a drop of cinnamon oil with two teaspoons of honey. Apply directly to your face and leave it for about 10-15 minutes before washing off with warm water.


Cinnamon essential oil for your concern with your dry skin

Did you know that Cinnamon essential oil may be your go-to remedy in dealing with your dry skin? Cinnamon essential oil helps moisturize your skin by improving the blood flow – not only just it removes the blemishes but also does moisturize the skin giving your skin moist revealing a fresh and radiant look.  Cinnamon essential oil aids in the process of vasodilation, it is the process of blood vessels widening as a result of the relaxation of the blood this is essential for the body parts that are lacking oxygen and nutrients.


Cinnamon essential oil enhances your skin’s complexion

Cinnamon essential oil’s antifungal and antibacterial properties are the same skin benefitting properties that help enhance your skin’s complexion. Its anti-inflammatory properties help remove and discoloration and redness from the skin. It repairs the skin revealing a more even skin tone. Its antioxidant properties, on the other hand, ensures that the skin remains healthy and gives a complexion boost. Cinnamon as a warm spice that stimulates blood vessels helps improve the appearance of your skin and body. Want to give it a try? You can mix one teaspoon of cinnamon essential oil with one teaspoon of honey and yoghurt. Apply the combined mixture to your face and let it dry before rinsing off with lukewarm water.


Cinnamon essential oil is a powerful antioxidant thus helpful in preventing your skin from aging

The organic compound cinnamaldehyde plays a significant role in increasing the skin’s collagen production which is vital in keeping the skin young-looking. This study proved that cinnamon essential oil is a useful anti-aging treatment for the skin. 


The cinnamon essential oil in getting rid of dead skin cells

An invigorated youthful glow, cinnamon essential oil got you! Cinnamon contains anti-proliferative properties that aid in getting rid of dead skin cells. This study published in the year 2020 concluded that cinnamon essential oil has superb antioxidant activity and antibacterial effect.  What are your thoughts then on using cinnamon as part of your weekly exfoliation? Not only just it sloughs off dead skin cells it also does protect your skin from the damages caused by free radicals.

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